Saturday, June 2, 2012


Got some singles the other day. We'll go through them, because you couldn't possibly be sick of looking at this product yet, could you?

We'll start with the man of the hour! I became aware that he hadn't given up a hit somewhere around the 7th inning last night, and enjoyed the hell out of listening to the rest of the game. One less thing for Mets fans to bitch about, even if they're going to mention "hometown scoring" and the need for replay every time this one comes up. Congrats, Johan! Congrats, Mets!

Another mullet to add to The Many Mullets Of Mitch.

I'm gonna end up collecting just the '80 design Archives, aren't I?

To quote Lana Kane, "YEEEUPPP!" Really love this Joe D card.

We'll wrap this one up with another '77 cloth, this one of good ol' Josh.

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