Monday, July 9, 2012

Because You DEMANDED IT: 1995 Fleer

I tried to avoid doing it, but you MADE ME. Here's the first of 4 separate 1995 Fleer designs. Yes, 4 base card designs (not just different border colors, unique designs) within the same set.

This Doc Gooden looks like it's being run through the Dock Ellis filter. Also note the illegible vital statistics below Gooden's name, and the sideways, gold foil "Pitcher" in the bottom right corner. It's like Raygun magazine (one of the more groundbreaking examples of bad modern graphic design in popular culture) laid this card out. Moving on to the next design...


Things calm down a little bit on series 3, but again, the vitals are illegible, the player name is close to it because of the combo of gold foil up against full bleed picture and the overlapping, transparent Cubs logo and that transparent logo has a smaller logo in the middle of it, direct from the Department Of Redundancy Department.

And finally, from the "OH SHIT MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED" department, a card I borrowed from the '95 Update set, but one which features the 4th design from the base set. Also, it's Hideo Nomo, who was awesome, so this card had to have been hugely popular when it came out. Player name on the card twice, barely legible in both cases. Position in a barely legible font. Tiny font for the vitals continues, only now it's in a less readable font and italic to boot! Team name: illegible. No team logo. At least 9 additional Nomos in the background. This card will make you try to eat someone's face if you look at it long enough.

I told you it was bad. The commenters on my last post agreed, and still, they wanted to see it here. So, here it is. I hope you're all proud of yourselves.


  1. The first pack of these I bought, I thought it was one of those all-insert Fleer Hot Packs. Then I realized all the players sucked and that's how the base cards looked.

  2. I think you missed two designs...there is even more horror. If I remember correctly, there was a design for each of the 6 divisions (looks like you're missing AL East and AL West)

  3. The best part is they did this IN EVERY SPORT that year! There were about 20 different designs each more hideous than the last! It was WONDERFUL!


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