Sunday, July 15, 2012

Had some store credit at my local today...'s what I did with it.

First, a lone Ichiro Bowman. I think he's going to hit that baseball.

Then, a couple of Archives. Man, I gotta say, love 'em or hate 'em, it's rare that Reggie doesn't look like a superstar in every sense of the word on a bubble gum card.

1990 "throwback" cards of Shawon Dunston. Too soon?

Speaking of "too soon", looking at Bobby Knight's pose on this card ("...and then I took the little bastard by the neck..."), I can't help but wonder if Topps were also thinking of including a Joe Paterno card in this year's Ginter set with him burying his head in the sand.

I'll be slightly more diplomatic about this next card, and simply say that it's available for trade!

Hey, Meadowlark!

Great card. I'm leaning toward eventually making a proper run at a George Brett PC (though I've got all of his Topps cards already, I think). Be nice to pick up some of the fancy stuff. He was great on the Home Run Derby broadcast on Monday, too. Did he mention that he had a great meal?

Of course he did. (Video NSFAnything)

I love that they went with an older Rickey uni (and, of course, a younger Rickey) for this card.

Best card I pulled from the 3 packs of Ginter I opened. Seriously fantastic looking.

I love that Melky's become the man of the hour.

Hey, it's a relic! Of Carlos Marmol. Anyone wanna trade for it?

On behalf of cheap bastards everywhere, thank you to people everywhere who buy $115 packs of cards and not only toss the base cards, but also the numbered inserts! 2 years in a row that I've gotten some Inception cards (including my man Joe Flacco) that I'd never have been able to afford otherwise. And yes, that is the already well-discussed chipping on the card edges that you see in this scan.

Reggie Bush (not the world's best hobby draw, but whatever), numbered to 75.

Awesome looking card of McFadden.

The Inception posts below that thar McFadden are all available for trade. May as well share the wealth!


  1. I agree they chose the right pictures for that of the nicest base cards in the set IMO


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