Saturday, July 14, 2012

I had to.

While not as extraordinary as A.J.'s recent pickup for his Bill Murray collection, these are two tough cards to get, and I had to pounce on 'em even though I'm really strapped for cash at the moment. I think that, with this, these complete the Bill Murray-as-Trappers-owner collection. I'm up to 4 on my Bill Murray "player collection" now. Of the cards I've been able to find readily (and even they've been a stretch), I need to get this year's RiverDogs card (even if I don't get ink on it), I still need the Razor "swatch of game-worn" card (similar to my Charlie Sheen one), and then I need to decide if I'm going for the Ghostbusters II set, despite it being a pretty weak movie and having nearly zilch to do with baseball. 

Beyond those, I need to find out if he's been on any other Brockton Rox cards aside from this one, and I've yet to see any St. Paul Saints cards with Bill (and those would be awesome to have, as the usual "Director Of Fun" is actually the Saints' "Team Psychologist").
In other Bill Murray-and-Saints-related news, the team is doing something very cool next month. The Minnesota Atheists are sponsoring "A Night Of Unbelievable Fun" at the August 10th Saints game. I want one of them jerseys.

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