Thursday, July 19, 2012

I have the best readers in the world

...and chances are, if you write about trading cards and are reading this, so do you, because occasional griping aside, this really is a great community.

Longtime reader Ken from N.H. got in touch recently to make a trade offer, and as it turned out, I still had most of what he was looking for from my long-derelict trade list, so we agreed to a deal. The package arrived yesterday, and down toward the bottom of it, past the cards we'd agreed to, past the homebrew Pilots set he surprised me with (the second such set I've gotten from people; look for a post soon on this set and the MONSTER '70 Topps-style Pilots set that Stubby sent me), there were a few cards I had no idea he'd be sending...

Holy friggin' Islanders and Pilots autographs, Batman! Seriously, look at that half-dozen up there and just TRY to tell me it isn't awesome. Who just has this stuff laying around in their trade pile, anyway?

HUGE thanks, Ken, and now the burden's on me to see what sorta cool stuff I have layin' around to add to your package today, though I think you kinda nuked me there.

So yeah, best readers in the world, hats off to you all, but especially Ken on this day!

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