Thursday, July 12, 2012

OK, Ginter.

I got 2 racks last night. They were mostly uneventful unless you are part of mass Kate Upton hysteria (got her base card), trying to crack the code (got one of those cards too) or consider a building that isn't finished or open yet one of the world's tallest buildings (Crap, did I say that out loud?), but there were two cards I was happy to get.

First off, a Rulon Gardner mini! For those who are unfamiliar, he's an Olympic gold medal wrestler who defeated Aleksandr Karelin (who'd been undefeated in 13 years of international competition) at the 2000 Summer Olympics. He's also undefeated in his one mixed martial arts fight, and survived a plane crash and being stranded in a blizzard (which cost him a toe due to frostbite) on separate occasions. He ballooned up to 474 pounds by early 2011 during his retirement from wrestling, but competed on "The Biggest Loser", losing 173 pounds (he's currently down to the high 260s) before leaving the show for unspecified personal reasons. Rulon is working on a comeback in the sport of wrestling despite all of this, and despite being 40 now. He fell just short of his weigh-in goal for the U.S. Olympic trials, but still plans on resuming his wrestling career, and hasn't ruled out an Olympic run in 2016 when he'll be 44, 7 years older than the oldest U.S. Olympic wrestler on record. Thus far, he's also managed to be "the one that got away" for professional wrestling, so there's that. Very cool to have a card of his, and I actually wouldn't mind trying to get an auto.

I present this Justin Morneau card as a counter-argument to the "all horizontal Ginter cards are bad" argument. Really dig this one. Still pulling for Justin to regain his pre-injury form, as he was a lot of fun to watch before things went bad for him.


  1. Nope, still bad. Where's his left foot. Someone ATE it!!

  2. It's being carefully shielded by the "MORNEAU.", Owl.

  3. It's better than most of the ones I've seen.


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