Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Round-Up For 07/05/12: Hey, It's A Correct Answer To An Addition Problem!

First things first today: by some cosmic accident, despite not opening a single pack of either of these products, I ended up with doubles of each of these cards. Anyone wanna trade for 'em?

Speaking of trades, It's almost time for me to start catching up on them. I've got talks in the works with a bunch of you (Stubby, Chuck, Angels In Order Tom, Night Owl, Mark Z and about 47 million others), but I've lost track in recent months of what's supposed to go where and what I'd be getting for it. I'm making HUGE progress on sorting out my cards right now, and I've also got Gmail records of a bunch of different trade talks that I'll be plowing through after my doubles get a little less unwieldy. Just to keep you all in the loop here, there's a plan in place and it's actually happening on or close to schedule. If I didn't respond to your initial trade offer email, don't think I hate you or that I'm a big meanie (well, I am, but...). Things have just been insane over the past, well, year, but even more so since February-ish, and I'm just starting to make sense of it all now. Your patience will be rewarded.

Moving on to another possibly-related subject, I have some round table questions for y'all: 

Do you have any system in place for deciding when it's time to give up on a set (base, insert, parallel, whatever) that you're probably not going to finish?

When do you cut bait on all the cards except the ones of the players you like and throw the rest in the ever-expanding trade box?

Do you ever bail early on a set, end up with a bunch of cards from it somehow anyway, and think "ahhhh, the hell with it, lemme finish it"?

In those situations, do you ever get mad at yourself when you realize you unloaded some cards that you  suddenly now "need" because you decided to build the damn thing?

These are all things I've been thinking about as I've been plowing through box after box after box of this stuff over the past few weeks. I know someone (I'm senile, I forget who, and I feel bad about it because I got a lot of 2001 Rays from them out of this deal last year) has an "unload all commons after 10 years" policy in place, but in my case, especially with some of the bulk deals I happen upon, 10 years is a very long time.

I guess it, as always, comes down to "keep what you're having fun with, and don't take it too seriously", but I'm definitely interested to hear about some of the ways y'all have been dealing with your collections slowly, steadily, even sneakily creeping out of your control. Hit me with your thoughts on this!

Just a reminder: my Mariano Rivera autograph contest is still an ongoing thing! If you've got a kid who loves Mo, seriously, get them in on this. Details at the link.

Finally today, one more quick plug, for Sooz's solo album, er, Cards By Sooz! Yep, Susan Lulgjuraj has a new site, and it's been pretty strong out of the gate! In addition to her musings on all kinds of card stuff (she got me off my ass to look for phenom du jour Billy Hamilton's cards today, for instance), her pal Dan's been making some solid guest posts as well including this pretty moving post about Bobby Shantz. Definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on, and best of luck to both you and Dan with the site, Susan!

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  1. This is the "unload all commons" guy but he didn't do it last year.


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