Monday, July 16, 2012

Stuff From Tim II: This.

So, if you missed it last week, my friend Tim gave me a bunch of cards ("You can go through, and take whatever you can use..."), because he's awesome. I went through 'em for him and pulled some stuff that he was gonna wanna hang onto for him, as well. ('72 Topps Clemente and Yaz were among the baseball cards.) Anyway, there were also some f00'ball cards in his box of stuff, and while going through those, I came across two of these...

Yep, that would be O.J. Simpson's rookie card. As you can see, the one pictured here has a crease  on the bottom right corner (which actually presents worse in hand than it does in this scan) and a couple of bum corners, along with a bunch of surface wear, particularly on the jersey. I made sure Tim ended up with the better of the two cards, his is a solid VG-EX, I'd say.

Now, in my research on this card after the initial "holy shit" of finding two of them in a box, I was actually pretty stunned to see what'd happened to not only its guide price but also general asking prices on them (and on '70s f00'ball in general, which really seems to be undervalued and ignored right now on the open market unless your name is Namath or Payton). Guide price on a NM O.J. rookie, despite him being one of the most infamous figures not just in football, but in 20th century popular culture, seems to have gone through the toilet (ranging from 40 low book to 80 high), and honestly, if I wanted to just get one of these on eBay in about the condition this card's in, it wouldn't have cost me more than a sawbuck, possibly less (I saw a few completeds for a couple of bucks). Still, I didn't know this prior to a few days ago, and this was given to me, so thanks again for such a cool, weird, sinister card, Tim!

More f00'ball coming as I scan it!

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