Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another trade: dayf Box 1 of frig knows how many...

So I sent dayf some cards, including a bunch of '72 high numbers from The Tim Collection, and he apparently plans on inundating me with cards for the next 500 years or so. The first box he sent me was pretty damn good, so I hope the next however many end up being really crappy stuff like '93 Leaf. I fully expect another Bipping in this. Anyway, let's begin...

These cards are AWESOME.


A '56 Topps I needed, and an early Oriole! Plus, you just can't argue with a ballplayer named Gus.

Hey, a '61 I needed, too! Here's some factoids about Mr. Bruce. Learn something new every day!

What a great Felipe Alou card! He was young, had his whole life ahead of him, and he got the airbrush guy to take the day off!

Starting to get a bunch of good ol' Blue Moon's cards, as I build the sets that he was in.

Among the many "dust kicked up during a play at the plate" action cards of the '70s, this one may be the saddest. Gerry Moses has this look on his face as if he's about to say "Well, the friggin' guy scored already. Are you planning on throwing the ball to me sometime this year?" If any of you folks who are good at figuring out what plays happened in these cards can figure this one out (or already have), let me know!

Awww, Bobby V, right before it all went to hell on 'em. That happens to this guy a lot, doesn't it?

25 years later, an awesome, awesome card of Barry Larkin. It took me a long time to warm up to the guy and really get what was so great about him. "He's always hurt!", I'd naively say. One day, it clicked while looking at his career numbers. "He did *this* while he was hurt constantly?" I think I've gone into that spiel here before, but it's worth mentioning again, especially with him getting into the Hall not too long ago. Also, look at this picture. Guy looks like Baryshnikov on a ballfield.

"Haha, you bet your ass I had the Hendricks brothers call Beane today!"

Had this in Chrome, but not in base! Can you believe that? One of the best cards of all time.

Hey, remember Kirk Saarloos? Nah, me neither. I keed, I keed! Guy got me some wins in fantasy ball somewhere along the line. I'd forgotten about him until I came across this in the dayfstuffs, but mostly because he doesn't come up in conversation too often.

This card is BEGGING for a "Caption This Card!" contest. Don't start posting possible captions in the comments yet, but save 'em up. I will be doing something soon!

"Yeah, cool, I'd be up for a Melky relic!"
-me, about a week before he got busted

Actually, I'm still cool with it, as he's one of the last Yankees I have fond memories of, and because his "I got busted" story is going to be one we'll be talking about decades from now. Royals fans, rejoice! You'll be able to get this guy back next season for a song!

Hey, look! Cards from another sport! I don't think I've ever posted any figure skating cards here, and it's definitely not my sport, but this is a really awesome looking card. Great picture, and this was from those long-gone days of 2009, when Goodwins wuz Goodwins.

'86 Fleers! dayf sent me 20, mostly commons, but that brings me well past the halfway mark on the set. Check out Maurice Cheeks makin' some Lakers look like damn fools.

These Spurs uniforms may be the worst pro sports uniforms I've ever seen in my life.

Whoooooo's a little slugger? I'm building '85 Topps f00'ball too, and dayf sent me a metric ton of 'em.

It JUST occurred to me that Mark Gastineau looks like William Murderface from Dethklok.

And, to finish off today, Mike Singletary. By Sears Portrait Studio. (I'm going to beat that ol' gag into the ground.)

Thanks, dayf!


  1. Really nice. That "Dayf" card is highly sought after and might be get you a couple of ponies in trade.

  2. "Mark Gastineau looks like William Murderface from Dethklok"



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