Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baseball Stars Official Photostamps (with Tony Horton!)

Another one from the "I can't friggin' believe I haven't posted this yet" files. Depression is a monster, people!

The fronts! These are unlicensed stamps for an album of some sort, though they're technically more like "pieces of paper you put glue on" than actual stamps. I picked this sheet up because it's one of very few Tony Horton items out there (none of which are from Topps; I'd love to know the story there), but there are a ton of cool, interesting names on here. 3 Hall Of Famers (Catfish, Carew and Kaline), Hawk Harrelson, Davey Johnson, one-time Pilot Gary Bell, inexplicably named "Eddie" Brinkman (I think this is the only time I've not seen him called "Ed"),, hell, y'all can read the rest.

It's also worth noting that Horton's nemesis in the "Folly Floater" incident of 1970, Steve Hamilton, is also on this sheet. Here it is, folks...

Sadly, our man Tony didn't have much more fun on the ball field after this, but what a moment this was, made even better by Scooter going absolutely mad on commentary.

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  1. I had never heard of the "Folly Floater" or seen it. Thanks for sharing... that was awesome.

    Oh... that stamp sheet is cool too. Huge fan of oddballs... especially when they are old and contain players like Catfish.


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