Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey, remember trade posts?

Yeah, let's do some today, starting with this quickie!

These cards were part of a deal I put together with Chunter from The Home Of The Braves (I swear I have more Braves fan readers than any I do of any other team). Chunter threw me some odds and ends, including some '10 Upper Deck I needed...

(Soon, the Ichiro cards will not feature him as a Mariner or even a stealth Mariner.)

...and a smattering of Topps odds and ends, including this Kimball of Clayton Kershaw.

I'm seeing less and less of the Kimballs. If you're sitting on a ton of doubles, have a look at my want list and let me know if you've got any for me. Chances are, we can work something out, as I'm definitely interested in finishing the set!

Chunter's super-easy to trade with, by the way. He collects Braves, Chipper Jones, Dale Murphy and Bo Jackson, and that's pretty much it, so finding stuff in my doubles for 'em was a snap. I didn't even get to the Braves yet, as I didn't want to bury him alive.

Thanks for the trade, Chunter!

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