Thursday, August 9, 2012

Probably A Rhetorical Question About Yankee Cards

Does anyone actually collect these?

OK, how about these?

(Yes, the stacks in both pictures are what they look like they are.)

I've had these sitting around since the winter (got 'em in a box lot), trying to decide what to do with 'em. There are plenty of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards I'd wanna hang onto (the Rick Cerones alone, man...), but the Mantle HR History stuff, beyond a few (I forget whether I have 1, 536 or any of the even hundreds, but I'll look, but I'd be inclined to keep those and maybe a few of the ones with cool opposing pitchers), I really don't need.

Let me know if you're interested in this stuff, and maybe we can get a trade going. Looked at completeds on eBay, and this stuff still goes for about $.50 a card in bulk, go figure.


  1. Looks like we're in the same boat!

  2. Sell 'em in big lots. I did okay selling ten or so at a time of the YSL.

  3. Wow... that's a lot of Yankees Legacy cards. Unfortunately, I can't stand the Yankees, so I can't really help you out.

    If it were me, I'd post these up on eBay. Do one of those auctions where you list out all of your numbers and collectors can pick 5 or 10 to finish off their sets. You'd probably find a ton of people who can use your singles.

  4. That's probably the plan, Fuji. Going by completeds, it's probably about $200 worth of YSL sitting here, and at least $100 after I get done pulling the guys I collect, but I figure I'll give it the weekend to see if anyone who reads this site needs any.

    Fun fact about both the YSLs and the Mantle HR Historys: there are almost no doubles in either pile.

  5. I need the Ali Norton yankee stadium legacy card if you happen to have it.

    (I used to trade mine to Pete from Dropped 3rd strike. He doesn't blog much but I bet he will respond to an email)

  6. I wish.

    I'll give Pete a look when I have a minute, though, Adam. Thanks for the head's up.

  7. dutch card guy is a big time yankee collector, and BA benny collects some yankees.

  8. I love the Yanks, as you know, but never really took the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. Just too big of a set, and while all the games are different, the pictures are redundant. I never say no them, but don't usually go to far out of my way to grab them.


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