Friday, August 24, 2012

Some Custom Pilots, To Get You Going...

I'm reasonably sure I mentioned that, when I did the trade with Ken from N.H. a while back, he printed out a set of custom, single-sided Pilots cards that he found on the Baseball Fever site and sent 'em to me. Here, as just a taste of what's to come this weekend, are a few of 'em.

From left to right: the Pilots' only first round draft pick, Gorman Thomas (in a Photoshopped uniform because he never made the big club); coach Sibby Sisti, who you may remember as the 2010 Card Of The Year from that year's Obak set; Dr. Mike Marshall (never featured in a proper Pilots uni on a Topps card) and manager Joe Schultz, looking on wistfully as people pound the ol' Budweiser at Sick's.

Now, later tonight or tomorrow (depending on how much energy I have to cut and paste; the first installment's scanned already), I'll start posting the 2012 Stubbly Bubbly Seattle Pilots set, along with notes from the author, longtime reader and trader Stubby. We'll be making our way through, 8 cards at a time (there are at least 126 cards, plus variants). Hopefully, we'll actually figure out why Stubby's been having trouble commenting during this process so he can answer your questions in real time!

Stay tuned, Pilots fans!



    Awesome Pilots cards! Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. I have since updated the Thomas card using a better photo.



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