Monday, August 20, 2012

Some stuff from the local...

While I was over at my local ganking tons of Finest base cards today (I'm 16 away from the set now), I grabbed a couple of other things. I'm sparing you a deluge of Finest, because while I like 'em, there's not much in the way of "wow" for the average reader.

However, I won't spare you the horror of Greg Maddux throwing an incorrectly painted Wiffle Ball, against a background where the name of the product is incorrectly spelled but clearly identifiable! Nor will I spare you the horror of chipped black borders! (To be fair to the product and the artist, he did a bangin' job on the hair on Mad Dog's legs.)

Yep, it's Goodwin time!

Here's a Dominique Wilkins that, I guess, maybe, looks a little like Dominique, and has his jersey numbers in a weird spot if I'm not mistaken. I toy with collecting Dominique's stuff sometimes, as I like a lot of the players who came up together around the same time (the '86-'87 Fleer era, we'll call it). That's when I watched most of the basketball that I've watched aside from Bulls and Pistons championship games.

Here's Doug Flutie, rockin' the drums! Or is it Gene Krupa?

OK, in this case (and yeah, it's pretty awesome to see a Jelly Roll Morton card regardless), let's compare the painting to the original...

That's actually pretty good!

It is my hope that Jack Morris gets to ride in another parade someday, in Cooperstown.

Warren Moon. By Sears Portrait Studio.

I thought this one was pretty dope. You can't really go wrong with a Charles Ebbets card if you're a fan of the Bums.

Saved the best two Goodwins for last. Now, this may not be a particularly awesome painting (the hands, in particular, are scary, even knowing what meaty paws he has), but goddamn it, this is a bubble gum card of WOZ! If you don't know who Woz is, please leave and come back when you do.

Last Goodwin. BO. With a bow! Really a shame that UD used the least durable ink they could on this product (note the wear around the right eye), but even despite all that, this card is AWESOME. If anyone's got a less crappy copy of this card, lemme know.

And finally, a bonus Finest X-Fractor rounds things out. This Mike Napoli's available for trade, though I must warn you, it's got production scratches on it that you can't see in the scan (and that I didn't notice in the store, rackin' frackin'). If you're cool with that, Napoli's yours.


  1. You get bonus ones in return if you know WHY I made the Gene Krupa reference. Hint: it's not his music.

  2. aawwwww FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU Now I gotta collect Goodwin! I thought card ennui had done me in for this year's products! CURSE YOU UPPER DECK WITH YOUR WHIMSICAL UNLICENSED SUBJECTS!!!


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