Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some stuff from my local today...

Yep, someone's crackin' Finest, and no, it ain't me. Don't mind the design this year, like it better than last year's, anyway. The backgrounds look brighter than they scanned. The Gallardo's /199 and available for trade. The rest are all mine, baby.

"Lookatitgo, Ma! Lookatitgo!"

Opened a couple packs of f00'ball, too. Aside from the practically illegible silver lettering in scans, I think these designs are OK, a little classier than this year's baseball. Won't even dream of building Terps Fertberl this year (I think I'm done trying to setbuild on anything current and non-baseball), but I'll get my guys for my player collections, of which Mr. Brees is one now (current players: Brees, Flacco, Eli, Knowshon, Ronnie Brown and Fred Jackson, along with Steelers and Bears who aren't their starting quarterbacks...may add Cam Newton to the list if any of the others retire...).

Scored one of these, too. Man, some people are gonna be pissed when they get their grades from PSA and Beckett on these inserts. Look at that chipping on the bottom edge! Still, glad to have at least one card of Hyped Rookie Who Isn't Andrew Luck out of the way, for safe keeping.

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  1. If you send a card with that kind of chipping on it to be graded, you better be expecting a crappy grade. Still, I hope RG III is a big success. Unless he's playing the Cowboys.


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