Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trade List!

I've been talking a bunch about tradebait lately, but before I started typing this, I haven't had an up-to-date, publicly viewable trade list since I started doing card shows intermittently sometime last year.

Well, if you had about 70,000 cards in your trade pile, and bought/sold cards in bulk from time to time, you'd be in a similar position. Maybe you do and you're still able to keep up, and if so, awesome, but I canna do it no more, Cap'n.

So, rather than listing EVERYTHING, which would seriously take months, give me grey hairs and never, ever be totally up-to-date, I'm going to give you a quick rundown of what I have, by company and brand. I'll be updating this regularly as I think of things that belong on here, and I think I'll throw a link to this on the sidebar.

Topps: I've got at least one card for trade from every base set year since 1969, and a few before that. I have some higher numbers from '70-73. '74-'79, I've got anywhere from hundreds of cards to thousands. '80-'85 are soft spots for me, as I moved a few boxes of that stuff in the winter. '86-'93, forget it, it's just silly how much I have right now. '94-up, depends on the year, but I've got at least 1 card for trade from every production year ('94, '96, '99 and '10-'12 are probably the years I've got the most of from these). I also probably have at least one intact complete '89 set for trade (there are 3 here, but I've picked cards out of at least one), and if you're really, really interested, I'll check.

Topps Traded/Update: I've got some of this stuff, too. '86-'90, mostly, but I do have a good amount of the last few years' update cards.

Topps Gold: I have about 300 '92 Topps Gold Winners, and a handful of '93-'94 Gold. Also have a few '08 Gold.

'11 Topps Heritage Minor League: probably about 150 of these, including the Harper. Trout just went in a trade.

Topps Mantle HR History: have around 75 of these.

Fleer: I have a modest amount of '81-'87, a ridiculous amount of '88-'91, an unholy amount of '92, and after that it gets spottier but I've got stuff.

Fleer Update: I have some, mostly '90 Update.

Donruss: I've got a smattering of '81-'86, and a ridiculous amount of '87-'91. '92, I have some singles and a complete (pretty sure it's complete, anyway) set. (I may also have an '88 set still.) Then, I've got a ton of '93s, and after that, a small amount of the later stuff.

Cramer Sports Promotions Baseball Legends: Have about 50 doubles, various series.

Leaf: a few '85-88 and '90, tons of '91-'92 and an unholy amount of '93. Some stuff from '94-up, too.

Leaf Rookies & Stars: a handful, mostly '01.

Score: bunches of '88-92, and some '93-up, but not much.

Score Select: Have a few hundred '93s, and a sprinkling of the other stuff.

Sportflics: some '86, some more '87 and a few '88-up.

Sportflics The Rookies: a near-complete '86 set's worth of singles. Forget what it's missing, probably Bonds if he was in there.

SSPC: have a spare, near-complete '76 set. Need to replace a few commons from it, unless you wanna.

Upper Deck: tons of '89-'93, not a lot between '94-09, and about 500 '10s.

Upper Deck Goudey: Still have 100 or so doubles from '07, and handfuls from '08 and '09.

Upper Deck SP Authentic: tons of '03, handfuls from the other years.

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