Friday, August 24, 2012

Trade With The Diamond King

The Diamond King contacted me a while back about trading me some f00'ball and basketball stuff, and despite some downtime, he got a pretty awesome package out to me, and busted out that "don't worry about my want list, if you enjoy the stuff, that's enough" bit (though we had a few things on the table before he said this, and damn it, he's getting 'em!). Here's some of what he hooked me up with...

A friggin' Matt Snell rookie! Now, of the guys from the '68 team, I have a few Maynards, an Emerson Boozer or two, even have a '72 Namath, but I didn't have any Matt Snells. NICE one to start with, eh?

Yao Ming jersey card! Fabric looks and feels like it's from the stripes rather than the body of the jersey! This wasn't even in our earlier trade discussions, so it was a nice surprise!

(They look so tiny compared to the individual cards.)

A mess of '70s Steelers! Thanks, Mean Joe!

Kareems! First '79-'80 Topps I have, I think. Definitely the first Star basketball I've got (it's rough, but those ain't easy to come by). Been jonesing the '86 Fleer as part of my setbuilding process. And the UD Retro one just looks suave.


At 78/132 on the set now!

A whole buncha basketball fellers I collect! The Stilt! Griffin! Spud Webb! Jordan in his baseball uniform! And some fella named Johnny Kilroy!

A huge mess of awesome Rodman cards!

Back to HUGE size for this awesome, awesome Dr. J.

Does Joe Montana ever get off the damn phone? Seriously, how many cards are there of Joe on the phone?

And last but not least, Walter Payton rushing for 275 yards! Nice early card of his, I think it's my earliest so far.

There were a bunch of other cards in the package, tons of '90s-present inserty-oddball-shiny kinda stuff (I didn't get to any of the Jerry Rice stuff, the Barry Sanders stuff, some Jordans, a whole whack o' Mings), but I figured I'd give you a quick rundown rather than blind you with all the shiny.

HUGE thanks to The Diamond King for these cards!

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