Thursday, August 2, 2012

What the heck, MOAR AUTOS!

Since I was in my auto pile anyway, I figured I'd scan my auto pile, or at least the stuff I don't have in screwdowns, my display case, and so forth. Some of these are actually available for trade, some are definitely not (Wong, Guidry, the entire 3rd collage, Felix, Ohlendorf), and some, it'd take a lot to get me to part with. (Anibal/McCarthy and Gio, even if there's a billion of the Gio one out there; the Joe Weiland is also /10, so that'd be tough to part with even if the kid does nothin'...)

If you need to know whether any of the cards are numbered, etc., just ask.

A few more individual, not-for-trade autos coming up in a minute!


  1. Was the Robert Scott a ttm? Did you send a donation? I'm about to send out to him. Thanks!

  2. It was an in-person. I've actually gotten him in-person twice, and talked to him one other time about how he deliberately set up next to the best sausage sandwich stand on Main Street in Cooperstown. Great guy.

  3. If you don't have success with Bob for some reason, let me know, and we'll arrange a trade for my other, non-Ginter auto of his.


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