Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seattle Pilots (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) by Stubbly Bubbly Custom Trading Cards, Part II (finally)!

So, yeah, this took me a little while, but I've got card numbers 9-16 scanned for your perusal, finally. The link to Part I (which explains the origins of the Stubbly Bubbly Pilots set), with 1-8 (and variants) is above, obviously, and I'll try to keep links to each part in all of the posts about these, so you can just look through 'em all with ease. Without any further ado, some Pilots (with minimal comments from me, as I'd prefer to let the cards speak for themselves), starting with perhaps the most famous Pilot of all!

Yep, it's a familiar picture, but with a border inspired by the classic '70 design. This is closest approximation I've seen of the card we should've gotten from Topps 42 years ago.

...but with a much cooler card back than was possible at the time!

Whoa, check it out! A horizontal!

Another card Pilots fans (and Dr. Mike fans like myself) have been waiting a long time for...

I...love...this...card. RIP, Minch!

Nice front view of the blue jersey.

MOAR DIFFERENT BILLY WILLIAMS! Not to be confused with Billy Williams, or Billy Dee Williams. I dig the colorization on this card. Has sort of a '48 Leaf feel to it. Not sure if Stubby'll view that as a compliment or not, but I think it is one.

Finishing off today, We've got Sal Maglie in an awesome satin jacket! It's always cool to get cards of Maglie in different unis because after being a mainstay of the New York Giants, he bounced around a bit after his heyday. He played for all 3 New York teams while there still were 3, finished up with the Cards, and coached with the Red Sox before coaching the Pilots. Still need a card of Maglie in a Sox uniform.

So, that's it for Part II! 16 cards down, 110 (not counting variations, and there are definitely more variations coming) to go! What do y'all think of this round of cards?


  1. Your Seattle Pilots cards are awesome! How could I get copies? I especially like the set that looks like the 1971 Topps set.

  2. A regular reader and friend of mine named Stubby makes the Pilots you see here. He doesn't make a habit of printing them, but I'm sure he'll be happy to see your compliments.


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