Friday, September 14, 2012

The Round-Up For 09/14/12!

'Sup, Mike? Bob at my local threw me this beaut. Simple, yet awesome. Impel did some great cards in the early '90s. First series Marvel cards (still need to finish off my holograms, but my base set's been complete forever), the Olympic stuff, the Dubya See Dubya cards (which have insanely early '90s designs), the SuperStar musician cards and even the Yo! MTV Raps! cards. Can anyone who paid more attention than I did back then tell me what happened to them?

I would end up completely and utterly brain damaged if I tried to do individual trade posts for all the deals I've finished in the last couple weeks, so instead, I will give HUGE thanks to dayfPaul BPaul W from Carl Crawford CardsNight OwlGreg Z.Ryan H from "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog and anyone else who I've swapped cardboard with recently that I haven't mentioned (yes, there have been too many trades for my poor, senile brain or my Gmail inbox to process, and I've still got a few more in the works).

I will not, however, I repeat, BARVES fans, WILL NOT be trading this feller, though. I don't keep nearly enough of them Ugglas, and this one's red, shiny and numbered 3/25! 

Oh, and this guy showed up, too.

Gonna try to get more Pilots up on the site this weekend, see what I can find at a local, semi-annual huge-ass garage sale tomorrow (I've come up with some decent box lots there in the past), and dig up some White Hawks and Blacksox for Jeff and some Cardinals for Mark Z. as well. Might even manage to have a life in there somewhere!

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