Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Topps Update

It's actually been pretty shockingly quiet on my reading list on the "tons of posts about base Topps product" front, where Update's concerned. I think the early buzz about '13 might've killed interest in posting about '12 product. I'm all in, though. Love Update. Feels like Traded Set season when it comes out. Without further ado, some non-Ichiro (still haven't pulled him or Harper) cards I've enjoyed so far...

For most of recent history, it's felt like every Jamie Moyer card could be his last playing era card. If this one ends up being it, it's a damn good way to go out.

This one could be a "last playing era card" too, and it's pretty classy. Love the current Cleveland uniforms. Trying not to be distracted by all the pink gear or the guy in the Sox jersey who looks like he has 3D glasses on.

Speaking of guys named Johnny, here's JOHNNY MAC.

Another cool looking card of a Snake. Somethin' classic about this shot, not a word you think of often when talking about newer expansion teams.

This one's just weird, though I will say that the 'Shopped A's uni takes 10 years off Inge's age.

Whooooooo's a little slugger?

Jesus, this card feels like old news already. (See whut ah did thar?)

Andrew Cashner, the beigest man alive. His hat matches his beard matches the camo unis. When Bob at my local and I first saw this card, we thought it was a sepiatone short print or something, but it's not. For some contrast, look at how much less beige Joe Wieland looks in the same uni:

Weird, eh?

New insert subset in the Updates. Really, really love this card, even if it doesn't portray the transaction entirely accurately. It took Buhner a little ways to become this guy after the Yanks traded him to get the immortal Ken Phelps.

The long-term on this particular deal remains to be seen, obviously, but so far, Billy Beane looks like a genius, and Johnny Lawns may actually be as good as people thought he was gonna be.

Weird to see 'em bust out Rickey-on-the-Mets for a card again, isn't it?


Love the "Future Stars" graphic on here.

It's not uncommon for modern Ty Cobb cards to look weird, but this one looks weirder than usual. I can't even put my finger on all of what makes this card weird.

Finally today, a little Dickey. Doesn't it look like he's saying "YEAH, BITCH! MAGNETS!"?


  1. Picked up some racks myself. Some great shots in this series, although I wish the Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, etc. weren't super short prints. How can a set collector have the full set now. I will say, the 2012 design grew on me halfway through the year that decided to build the set. Nice design, large picture area and some great, interesting photography. Perfect set combination!

  2. THAT is A.J. Ellis' card?

    Oh ... I think I feel a rant coming on ...

  3. Yeah, Owl, let's just say that, while it's a funny card from a "guy getting a noogie" perspective, it's not a very good A.J. Ellis card, and damn it, he's good enough to deserve one!

  4. Shane, Topps has made it abundantly clear over the past few years that they hate base card and set builders' guts. I give 'em crap on Twitter all the time about this, and of course it falls on deaf ears. They still haven't done a normal print run, base Topps Bryce Harper card with him in a Nats uniform that you can pull from a pack. It's all SSP, or All-Star or Rookie Debut or some other crap. That's absurd. In general, it really sucks because some of us like opening packs for the fun of opening packs and seeing how close we can get on sets, and not because we have gambling habits we're seeking to legitimize somehow. It's not like any of this is news, but it's still worth complaining about periodically.


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