Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gotcha, you mother...

It's a shame Topps couldn't just use the bowing picture for the base card (which I'm pretty sure is short-printed too, though they'd never cop to it; it's also worth noting that, after a hobby jumbo pack, 2 rack packs, about 10 regular hobby packs and a romp through the packs my local opened, I haven't seen a single Harper card yet), as it's a much better picture of our hero, but, well, Topps has gambling addicts to troll!

Speaking of gimmicks, here's a silly picture of Andrew McCutchen in a red bowtie. Pulled this today, too. Think I'll hang onto it. Starting to fish around for new guys to watch and follow as some of my old guys have retired or are close to it, and I'm really pulling hard for the Bucs to break The Curse Of Andy Van Slyke one of these years.

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