Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Post Is About Cards

So, I went to Dr. Wax's card show on Sunday. It was a a sparse and somewhat muted, but determined card show if I ever saw one. According to Dr. Wax (who took on water in his and his mother's houses; hang in there, guy), two of our regular dealers are still MIA, one of whom, Linda (nice lady, has sold me some great stuff), lived in Mantoloking (Google it, it ain't pretty) before the storm hit. Hopefully we hear from them soon. Everyone else and their property is anywhere from "OK" to "man, this sucks", but they're hanging in there. 

I spread around a little bit of cash to the local dealers (I've been trying not to buy much of anything lately, except in cases where local merchants can use the business after the storm; threw a few bucks at my local when they reopened, that kinda thing) and picked up a few cards. In the interest of thinking about something other than the storm relief effort for a minute, here they are...

Picked up a couple of nice, cheap Namaths, only my 2nd and 3rd playing-era Namath cards.

Got a Leaf Doc Gooden rookie! Now I have to find the damn O-Pee-Chee one and that friggin' Fleer Update one to finish off the major issues. (I think I have the Topps Super, but I'm not 100%. I'll have to check.)


I don't have a ton of f00'ball relics of my guys, so I was very glad to pick these up. The Jerry Rice, brace yourselves, was a BUCK. Ronnie Brown was even more pricey than that at $2!

I haz a 3D problem. Still need to get more of these little Lineage bastards. Or were they Archives? Who cares? They're 3D.

POKEY!!!11111 :D

Put some solid effort into set-building in Fast Eddie's dime boxes. Got myself 35 more '99 Topps, so I'm within 27 cards of the set.

Got a quality handful of '00 Gold Labels of various classes, including my main man Vladimir.

Snuck a couple of Heritage in there, including this awesome Mark Buehrle...

And this terrific card of El Duque.

(PLEASE click on the thumbnail, this image does these no justice.)

Had one more really productive go at set-building. Got within 1 card of finishing the base set on '09 Donruss Americana, and look at the names I picked up! Albert Brooks! Lorna Luft! Michael Beck! Erin Gray! Eric Roberts! Swoosie Kurtz! Ralph Macchio! Jeffrey Tambor! Awesome, awesome set. The only base card I need now is #74, Corbin Bleu, whoever the hell he is (oh, he's one of the High School Musical kids). I'll probably do a Buy It Now to get it over with this week.

Lots of bargains in this month's auction. Signed Dave Winfield and Billy Herman balls going for $20 each, a '99 Yankees World Series team-signed ball for $250, and so forth. Was SORELY tempted to bid on a Johnny Vander Meer framed autographed photo in the auction, beautiful piece (shoulda taken a picture of it, but it went just above the realm of "me eating for the rest of the month" (around $40 for something I don't have wall space for; it's also a time when people need a lot more than sports memorabilia around here, even in a situation where the proceeds were going to charity).

Oh, and I dropped off about 15,000 cards at the Toms River East Little League building, which is serving as a makeshift (but really well-organized) distribution center for aid supplies right now. They're good on most supplies, but they really need distractions for the kids (and some of the adults) so they were really happy to see the cards. If any of you were looking to hit me up for '87 Topps or '92 Fleer, you're out of luck. They went, along with about 8000 mixed f00'ball, basketball and hockey cards from all eras. Next month, if they need 'em, more of that kinda stuff is going to the kids, so last call for any trades involving ridiculously common cards!

As I mentioned in my preview post for this show, Reds outfielder Todd Frazier will be there next month (and is also helping with the auction!), and y'all BETTER come see him if you're in the area and collect bubble gum cards. It will be a great show. 


  1. You should have picked up two Buerhle's, cuz what are you going to keep for yourself when you send that one to me?

    And agreed - those Americana cards look way better full sized.

  2. Good job looking out for others in need. People who were hit hard need a pick me up.

    Great looking finds as well. Bowman Heritage must be underrated. I don't own many cards from those sets.

  3. I had 3 of those Americana cards, I didn't know you were looking for 'em (sold them off already).

    That Namath-in-a-took card is terrific.

  4. Kudos to you for helping out the local businesses and card dealers. I've seen some of the photos of the storm and was speechless. I hope those two regulars show up at the next show. Sort of puts these pieces of cardboard we collect into perspective.

    By the way... love the 85 Leaf Gooden. I'm a huge fan of Leaf & OPC products from the 80's. Those Namaths are pretty sweet too.

  5. Jeff: MY Buehrle!

    Spiegel: I think that one of these days, people who don't have them are going to wake up and think "Shit, Bowman Heritage!" and the rush will be on.

    Owl: no worries. And most Namath cards are terrific, even as someone who's not a fan of the current Jets.

    Fuji: keeping my fingers crossed for Linda and our other dealer. In the meantime, yeah, I've got a certain fondness for those pain in the ass Leaf and OPC cards myself. I'll probably make a run at a bunch of key rookies in those sets, eventually.

  6. I'll try to get there next month. I've passed (at a high rate of speed) the Doc's place several times. Driving too fast to stop. It's a bit of a ride from north jersey (exit 165), but I would be happy to drop off some cards for the kids.


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