Thursday, November 22, 2012

This Post Is Sort Of About Baseball Cards

Much earlier today, I was walking back from dropping my car off at the mechanic, through an area that had flooded pretty heavily during Hurricane Sandy. As I was doing so, I spotted this on the ground...

Yep, a sheet of bubble gum cards had gotten washed out and washed up where I was. I opened it up for a closer look...

'93s, Ultras and Stadium Clubs with some other set that I can't identify on sight (National Packtime?) mixed in. A few Hall of Famers (Puckett, Larkin, Boggs, Gwynn) a few who might make it (Mussina, Lofton) and a Hall of Pretty Good guy (Alou). Can't place the 2nd row left player, anyone?

Weird that they'd shown up right in the path of where I was walking, but then, comics and video games, both of which I have pretty substantial collections of, had shown up in my travels in Staten Island the Sunday after the storm, too.

Not sure whether I have any particular point to make in talking about this, but I think it was worth documenting.


  1. It's funny how sometimes you can get bombarded by images of flooded streets and decimated neighborhoods, but a simple image of a washed-out sheet of cards can really drive home the idea of "Be thankful for what you've got".

    Thank you so much, and have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

  2. Second row on the left is the Big
    unit Randy Johnson.

  3. Mariner1: yeah, thought it might be The Unit, half-ashamed I couldn't confirm it as I've got a ton of his cards, but the height didn't look right. Looking again, and I see the mullet.


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