Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A few from my local...

Had a trip to my local on the agenda today, mostly to menace Bob as I'll be facing him in the first round of fantasy f00'ball playoffs, but I ended up picking up a couple of things, nice little hodgepodge of stuff, while I was there, too.

This Magic Johnson is from the new Panini Prizm set. As with anything this shiny and chrome-like, it looks much better when it's not on a scanner bed, but it still looks pretty alright.

Hey, an Archives I needed (actually needed a few there, but I'm not gonna make y'all look at Swisher), and it's a great picture, too! Slowly but surely, I'm finishing the base set. It grew on me.

I also grabbed this foil-stamped nonsense as well, because I was feeling generous and because Whitey was sorta lookin' at me.

'Sup, Broadway? Man, could your old team use you these days. I've been finding a bunch of Namath stuff lately, always glad to add more. On that note, since I realized while I was there that I had a store credit for a few bucks, I threw it toward this...


Apparently Bob, who played the hell out of the '71 Topps f00'ball game, hated this card as a kid because it always screwed him. It was sorta the "Take a walk on the Boardwalk" of the game inserts. Still, another nice '70s Namath for me, and I'm sorta working on this set so this was a nice one to scratch off the list.

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