Monday, December 10, 2012

East Dover First Aid Card Show Report

So, Sunday, I was at another edition of Dr. Wax's card show at the East Dover First Aid department in Toms River, NJ. Toms River resident and current Reds player Todd Frazier was the guest of honor, and the joint was packed. Dr. Wax has heard from our dealer friend Linda, but not from another dealer who lived in Seaside, but hopefully he will soon. Dealers had great sales days, Todd seemed like a pretty great kid, lots of people there who knew Todd dating back to his Little League days, and the charity auctions run by Dr. Wax, Todd, and featuring a bunch of great items from Rich Altman's Hollywood Collectibles were a hit and a lot of fun. (Still waiting for video to surface on YouTube of Todd salsa dancing to Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" after the signed Victor Cruz jersey hit $250, though...).

I did not get pictures, alas, because the dealers all had such great stuff that my head was buried in the bargain bins for most of the show, but man, what bargains! Here are some of the highlights...

Couple of nice '62 Posts, including the Maris which I've wanted for a while now, $5 each!
A whole mess of cheap Isles! First 2 are OPC, rest of the old 'uns are Topps. Throughout the day, contrary to how I remember the last hockey strike being ("Eh, who needs 'em?"), the conversation at the show kept coming back to "I just want hockey back!". A lot of us needed a hug.

A 1971 Jack In The Box California Angels Alex Johnson card! This was a buck! (Got a buncha fun oddball stuff from the same $1 box, and passed on a ton more, but the guy seems like he's a regular dealer there now.) Blank back, a little longer horizontally than your average card, but how often do you find oddball Alex Johnson stuff?

Yep. A promo card for Bo's book, issued by his publisher. Also a buck.

A signed Mike Vail minor league card from '75. Beaten to hell. Signature looks legit, matched up against some on Google Images. Who'd forge Mike Vail's signature? I mean, seriously, what kinda person would be that low-down and dirty? $1.

Hoyt Wilhelm, coaching for the Tacoma Yankees. '78 Cramer Sports issue. A buck.

'82 Topps Cracker Jack Hank Aaron. A buck.

Bernie on the Clippers! A buck.

You've seen the dollar bin, now behold the dime bin, same guy! They're a little ratty, but these finished off my '86 Topps box bottom set. $.10 for the whole deal.

This was a really cool find. It's an original photograph of the facade of Memorial Stadium. Date unknown. $.10.

Y SO FORMAL DONRUSS? '87 Giant Mike Scott, a dime.

Looks a little longer than usual, right? (That's what she said.)

My first Baseball Talk card. Yep, a dime. Anyone know of a site that recorded all of these?

Another first. My first Sportscaster card! I got 6 in total, Ron Cey, Randy Jones and 4 other non-player-specific ones that I should test you guys on the featured players of, but I had to show off the Penguin. These cards were a LOT bigger than I thought they'd be (I was thinking '70s recipe card size, but they were close to '80 Topps Giant size). Very cool stuff, and all a dime a pop.

And the back!

Another super-cool find! From Baseball Cards magazine in '85, some custom Chuck Connors cards, including him on the Bums (pic supplied by Chuck himself) and a painted '52 Topps Chuck Connors done by my old cartooning teacher Gerry Dvorak, who painted the '53 Topps set (and some of the '52 set, if I remember correctly). Awesome to get a cool Gerry piece like this, especially for a dime.

The backs!

We'll finish off with some of those '80 Topps Giants I mentioned earlier, all of which were also a dime. (Check out that foreshadowing...) I got 14 of these in total, but I'll just stick to a few.


For a guy who's often portrayed in the media as such a miserable bastard, Kingman sure seems to smile a lot in pictures...

...almost as often as Ted Simmons looks ridiculously high in his.

Gorman Thomas is not amused. That's not a stain on the card, it's smoke coming from the wreckage of whatever Gorman just destroyed before posing for this.

So, yeah, tons of fun, cheap oddball stuff bought to spread some dough around among the local dealers, and a ton of money was raised for good causes during the charithy auctions. Win-win.


  1. MAN I wish I was at that show. everything here looks fantastic especially the BO.

  2. That's an awesome group of cards! I'm jealous - I miss card shows.

  3. Yeah, dayf, I left a LOT behind, just because I'm on limited funds right now. I could've probably dropped 4x what I did in the dollar box alone on weird stuff. The guy was at last month's show too, but I didn't have a chance to look through his stuff because someone was bogarting. I can imagine what I missed (though it probably wasn't this kinda stuff), and shudder to think of what I would've missed if that was this guy's only trip to the card show ever.

  4. Nice pickups! That was one terrific dime bin. I've never seen any of those Topps Giants or Sportscaster cards for anywhere near that cheap.

    Love the Hoyt Wilhelm, I am an avid collector of his and I've never seen that one before.

  5. Love the Oddball 79s and 80s cards. You are only about 4 hours from Syracuse right? Wonder if he would happen to have any Syracuse Chiefs Virdons from the 70?

  6. "how often do you find oddball Alex Johnson stuff?"

    How often do you find oddball Jack in the Box stuff? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Adam: I can look, but I probably would've noticed Bill Virdon in there, and I almost always grab a minor league card from that far back, no matter who's on it.

    Mark: almost positive there were more Jack in the Box Angels from that year in the boxes. If no one beats me to 'em (yeah, right), I'll check at the next show. I really should set up a Google+ Hangout or Ustream or something for one of these shows and take live requests/incoming PayPal or trade offers as I'm going through boxes.


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