Friday, March 9, 2012

The post in which I work blue (parental discretion required)


There. I worked blue.

In all seriousness, I loved this card from the moment I saw it (maybe it's Arky's early demise or the photograph or something, dunno, but it's haunting), and spent a fair amount of time trying to nail it down before I nailed this off-center but still pretty specimen a little ways back. I've also been completely incapable of referring to this card as anything but the dirty name I gave it above, usually out loud, whenever I've looked at it online or in-person.

Ever see the back of a '60 Fleer card? If not, here:

Really crisp little design. Dig it.

'79 Topps: PWN3D


This happy lookin' but ultimately doomed to disgrace feller was the last card I needed to complete my '79 set. First set (and, undoubtedly, the easiest to complete in general) of the '70s that I've completed!

I'm very, VERY close to finishing '75 and '78, though.

Here's how close:

1975 Topps (Have 657/660): 126, 280, 308

1978 Topps (Have 724/726): 424, 652

Get in touch with me if you've got any of these 5 cards. We shall trade a glorious trade!

Monday, March 5, 2012

RIP Don Mincher

I got this in the mail late last week (finishing my '70 Kellogg's Pilots team, all 2 cards of it), and was getting ready to post it today for reasons having little to do with Don's passing. Couldn't we have just stuck with "Hey, awesome! Seattle Pilots cards!"? Rats.
Don Mincher was a baseball lifer, though I mostly know him as a Seattle Pilot, and as part of the cast of characters of Ball Four. Here's a brief obit that seems like it hardly scratches the surface of the things he accomplished. Rest in peace, big guy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Gotcha, you sonuva...

Took me 20 packs (sorry, I didn't bust a box, so I didn't record the box break), but I got 'em. I've opened 23 packs in total, 5 this morning after my 18 on Wednesday.

Now, to finish off the base set (I'm about halfway; anyone else bust this stuff and have doubles?). The cards are pretty good, more or less Score-quality base cards, not a ton of inserts in the packs I opened, and I got Antawn Jamison and Ishmael Smith autos in the first half a box I opened.

On the flipside, how cool must it be to be one of these people in the crowd?

Contest Winner!

Hey, remember this?

Yep, I did too, just had something of a distracting day, so I just got around to the drawing. Alas, I had one late entrant who, in the interest of fairness (rules are rules and all), I could not include in the drawing, but an apology email to them later, I set things up, and our winner is...


Congrats to Dan, and I'll be in touch to get your mailing address from you!

Thanks for participating, everyone, and for reading this here site!