Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grabbed a couple'a cards at my local today...

It's not quite Straw, but it's still pretty damn good. The "Braves" ribbon really pops on this card.

Another '80 design Archives (up to 23/50 now). There's something a little weird about this card (beyond the fact that Posey, like J-Hey, wasn't born yet in '80) and I can't put my finger on it. Anyone?

Ichiro looks like he's thinking "Bond...James Bond" in the inset photo, and given his sense of humor, he very well may be. Not having a very good season, but I'm still damn glad I got to see him play last month.

I've had very little love for the '54 design Archives. Lots about the layout, fonts, etc. is just wrong. However, when you're dealing with a pic of Wade Boggs that looks like he's annoyed at the little tiny man Wade Boggs in front of his bat, you can't go wrong.

And finally, a Pro Debut card! it's Anthony Oh Crap I Can't Read His Name Because Of The Damn Foil, er, Anthony Gose! Saw this kid a bunch in Lakewood in '09, loved him. Crazy fast. Hear he's running into some trouble hitting at the higher levels, hope he shakes it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Series 2 R Here

Time for a bunch of scans of cards you've already seen!

First, some rookies not named Bryce Harper or Yu Darvish! Wei-Yin Chen's been pretty decent for the O's so far. Here's hoping it holds. I'm liking the AL East bein' all upside down.

An injury aside, Yoenis Cespedes ain't doin' so bad, neither.

Not anywhere near a rookie, but check out Jimmy, givin' it the old college try despite the bad back. This is a solid-lookin' card, and if it ends up being his last base Topps card, it's a nice one to end on.

Here's my pal Buehrle, lookin' good in that newfangled Fish uniform. Still one of my favorite pitchers, and doin' plenty of good for my fantasy team as is often the case.

Nice shot of Vlad in the O's uni. Hopefully we'll see him in the Jays uni in Update.

And, with this year's "Mariner up against the digital scoreboard" shot, it's Ichiro! So glad I finally got to see him play in person when I was out there last month. He got a hit, stole a base and scored a run on a sac fly. Super cool.

Not in love with this insert set, but that's some alliteration there, Topps copy editors! Also: when I get the bulk of another player done, I think I might start picking off the Brett cards I don't have. Should be close to done with his Topps stuff, but there's more to be had than that.

Hey, what's that Bowman doin' in there? Oh, it's OK, it's Mo. He can show up wherever he damn well pleases. Let's hope, now that he's made his mind up to play next year, that we get to see him smile like this on a ballfield again while he's an active player.

Finishing off, the hit of the bunch, pulled from a jumbo. I honestly can't remember if I have a Greinke relic. I don't think I do, but I might. Either way, I'm covered now. Not remembering whether you have a relic of one of the guys you supposedly collect means that it's probably pretty good that I've slowed down on buying this stuff.

My want list for Series 2 is compiled: 

2012 Topps (Have 71/330): 331, 333-334, 336-337, 339-341, 344-348, 350-352, 357, 359, 361-367, 372-379, 381, 383, 385-392, 394-395, 397, 399, 401-410, 412, 414-416, 418-421, 423, 425-429, 431, 433-441, 443-448, 450-451, 453-455, 458-464, 466-472, 474-480, 483, 485-490, 492-498, 500-508, 510-511, 513-515, 517-536, 538-541, 543, 546-552, 554-556, 560-566, 568-572, 575-577, 579-586, 590-595, 597-603, 605-606, 608-610, 612-617, 619-623, 625-628, 630-644, 646, 648-649, 651-657, 659-660 are my remaining wants for Heritage (not building the set, just gettin' my dudes) and Archives (just getting the '80s and my dudes).

2012 Topps Heritage: 122, 160, 436, 478

2012 Topps Archives: 12, 18, 20, 26, 27, 32, 35, 39, 43, 51, 55, 60, 62, 75, 82, 88-89, 96, 101-106, 108-109, 113-114, 116-131, 135-137, 139-140, 142-144, 146, 148-149, 151, 153, 155, 159, 175, 184, 185, 187, 191, 201-202, 204-211, 216-222, 225-227, 231, 233, 235-236

Have an ungodly amount of stuff for trade, but not a lot of new goods (haven't been opening much). So, if you want some old cards for your new ones, get in touch, and tell me what you're looking for these days!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey, a Ringside!

Been a while!

Thanks to Stubby for sending this one my way, he had it in his spare Ringsides. It's a weird world, when both I and a regular trading partner end up with "spare" 1951 Topps Ringsides from time to time.

Not a lot out there on our pal Eddie Compo here. It looks like most of the information Wikipedia has on him came straight from the back of this card, and they even link to the card in his entry. Retired at 28, had one especially noteworthy fight against Willie Pep in '49, lived a relatively long life post-boxing.

Kelly wanted to see a back scan (which I'm frequently too lazy to make/post), so here, Kelly!


Got some singles the other day. We'll go through them, because you couldn't possibly be sick of looking at this product yet, could you?

We'll start with the man of the hour! I became aware that he hadn't given up a hit somewhere around the 7th inning last night, and enjoyed the hell out of listening to the rest of the game. One less thing for Mets fans to bitch about, even if they're going to mention "hometown scoring" and the need for replay every time this one comes up. Congrats, Johan! Congrats, Mets!

Another mullet to add to The Many Mullets Of Mitch.

I'm gonna end up collecting just the '80 design Archives, aren't I?

To quote Lana Kane, "YEEEUPPP!" Really love this Joe D card.

We'll wrap this one up with another '77 cloth, this one of good ol' Josh.