Sunday, September 30, 2012

Real Interesting Blaster Spotted In Target

Yes, a guaranteed Pete Rose autograph for $30, plus 59 other base cards from this set (which is a 50 card base set; pretty good chance that you could put it away in a box of two).

Hobby boxes of last year's Leaf Pete Rose set were not cheap. I guess that didn't work out so well for Leaf, or Pete signed a LOT of stickers for them.

I've got Pete's signature on a ball already, but this is still mighty tempting.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seattle Pilots (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) by Stubbly Bubbly Custom Trading Cards, Part II (finally)!

So, yeah, this took me a little while, but I've got card numbers 9-16 scanned for your perusal, finally. The link to Part I (which explains the origins of the Stubbly Bubbly Pilots set), with 1-8 (and variants) is above, obviously, and I'll try to keep links to each part in all of the posts about these, so you can just look through 'em all with ease. Without any further ado, some Pilots (with minimal comments from me, as I'd prefer to let the cards speak for themselves), starting with perhaps the most famous Pilot of all!

Yep, it's a familiar picture, but with a border inspired by the classic '70 design. This is closest approximation I've seen of the card we should've gotten from Topps 42 years ago.

...but with a much cooler card back than was possible at the time!

Whoa, check it out! A horizontal!

Another card Pilots fans (and Dr. Mike fans like myself) have been waiting a long time for... RIP, Minch!

Nice front view of the blue jersey.

MOAR DIFFERENT BILLY WILLIAMS! Not to be confused with Billy Williams, or Billy Dee Williams. I dig the colorization on this card. Has sort of a '48 Leaf feel to it. Not sure if Stubby'll view that as a compliment or not, but I think it is one.

Finishing off today, We've got Sal Maglie in an awesome satin jacket! It's always cool to get cards of Maglie in different unis because after being a mainstay of the New York Giants, he bounced around a bit after his heyday. He played for all 3 New York teams while there still were 3, finished up with the Cards, and coached with the Red Sox before coaching the Pilots. Still need a card of Maglie in a Sox uniform.

So, that's it for Part II! 16 cards down, 110 (not counting variations, and there are definitely more variations coming) to go! What do y'all think of this round of cards?

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Round-Up For 09/14/12!

'Sup, Mike? Bob at my local threw me this beaut. Simple, yet awesome. Impel did some great cards in the early '90s. First series Marvel cards (still need to finish off my holograms, but my base set's been complete forever), the Olympic stuff, the Dubya See Dubya cards (which have insanely early '90s designs), the SuperStar musician cards and even the Yo! MTV Raps! cards. Can anyone who paid more attention than I did back then tell me what happened to them?

I would end up completely and utterly brain damaged if I tried to do individual trade posts for all the deals I've finished in the last couple weeks, so instead, I will give HUGE thanks to dayfPaul BPaul W from Carl Crawford CardsNight OwlGreg Z.Ryan H from "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog and anyone else who I've swapped cardboard with recently that I haven't mentioned (yes, there have been too many trades for my poor, senile brain or my Gmail inbox to process, and I've still got a few more in the works).

I will not, however, I repeat, BARVES fans, WILL NOT be trading this feller, though. I don't keep nearly enough of them Ugglas, and this one's red, shiny and numbered 3/25! 

Oh, and this guy showed up, too.

Gonna try to get more Pilots up on the site this weekend, see what I can find at a local, semi-annual huge-ass garage sale tomorrow (I've come up with some decent box lots there in the past), and dig up some White Hawks and Blacksox for Jeff and some Cardinals for Mark Z. as well. Might even manage to have a life in there somewhere!

Friday, September 7, 2012

First New Playing Era Bum In 6 Months!

When I decided to go on my West Coast trip, I put a halt on eBay purchases. Then, when I got back, I ran into a pretty good chunk of unexpected and expected expenses. Finally starting to stabilize all of that, so I'm looking at the 'Bay a little again, and last night, I won this for a few bucks...

Not great condition, but not bad either. Great picture. Oh, and it's a '52 Topps card. I don't get a lot of those. Love the card stock they used in that first full year.

Also of note, if someone asked this guy if his name was Michael Diamond, he could say "Nah, my name's Clarence!" and not be lying.

Should be here in a few days, Postal Service willing...

Edit: one more fun note about it. It's card #188. My '52 Topps Pete Reiser is #189. So, consecutive numbers! Wait...did I post the Pete Reiser? I can't seem to find it in my archives. How did I not post a '52 Topps Pete Reiser card? OK, just in case I didn't...

Got this a ways back. I MUST HAVE posted this. Weird.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Round-Up For 09/03/12 (Hey, it's a correct addition problem!)

First up, there will be MOAR PILOTZ within the next day or so. Sorry to keep you waiting. In fairness, y'all have been kinda quiet about 'em so far. What do you folks think of Stubby's work?

I've been slackin' on Pilot scanning because I've been trading like banshee. (Damn it, what movie was that from?) Packages should be going out tomorrow to Night OwlCarl Crawford Cards and "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog, barring any last-minute complications. Still working on stuff with dayf, Paul B., Jeff Wilk and BA Benny and some others (Ryan G? Bo?). (Get in touch if you see your name here and haven't heard from me, or if I haven't heard from you in a while!) Busy busy month of trades.

Oh, and because this post needs a picture, here's an old-ass Billy Smith card I got at my local on Sunday!

Hope everyone had a solid Labor/Labour Day weekend!