Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Completed Trade Round-Up!

We'll start, as we should, with a random Gaylord. I got Gaylord here and 9 other of his '76 friends in the mail from reader Ken, who sent me some unsolicited signed Islanders and Pilots at the bottom of a trade package a ways back. Thanks again, Ken!

George thinks that's pretty cool, too. George also looks pretty baked in this shot, but I could be making unfair judgments about the man's character by saying that, so we'll make it clear that I just think he LOOKS baked. I remember thinking that it was awesome that the Mets (who sucked) were suddenly getting guys like George Foster and Dave Kingman, a few of the heroes of my '80 Topps cards and '81 Topps stickers. Oh, this card is actually part of a deal I did with Steve, who got ahold of me a little while back asking if I still had an auto or two that he was interested in. He took pretty huge chunks of my want list out in exchange for said autos, so thanks, Steve! Here's a few more cards he sent...

Cory Snyder, professional badass.

I like this one of Moose a bunch. It's simple, yet dramatic. I also need a ton more of the '98 Topps set as of this writing, so help me out, people!

Another great pitching action shot of my man Mo, from what's quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite sets, '08 Upper Deck. You just can't argue with this gorgeous level of simplicity. '95 UD kinda had it, too, and I've finally relented and admitted to myself that I'm going to have to build that one, too.

Because of how nutzoid the mainstream card hobby, especially in my neck of the woods, is for Derek Jeter, I don't end up getting a ton of his cards, so it's always good when I get one. I'm not collecting him per se, but I generally don't get rid of his stuff, and I need his card to complete a lot of sets.

Last card from Steve's stuff is a sweet card of Bill Laimbeer, also known as "that guy who used to beat the living crap out of a lot of other basketball players". Generally, I'm against that kinda thug stuff, but sometimes it's so far beyond the pale and almost comical (see also: Suh, Ndamukong) that it makes the guys fun to watch, in that "Oh, what is this friggin' guy gonna try to get away with next?" sorta way.

Finally in my trade catch-up today, another reader named Anton, who'd helped me put a huge dent in my 1993 Topps set a year or so back, went to work on my remaining 89-93 Upper Deck and '92 Stadium Club sets this time. Now, I know that most of you have seen 89, 92 and 93 Upper Deck cards for miles, so I'm not going to post any here (though I'm very happy to be finishing up these sets), but in the case of '92 Stadium Club, which Anton sent me a ton of, there was one particular card that made me really happy and reinforced my decision to build the set...

Isn't this card the best? Just a simple, posed, full-bleed shot of The Big Hurt, not a guy I collect, but for some reason it worked really well, and made the deal for me. Thanks, Anton!

Seriously, thanks again to everyone who gets ahold of me about deals (all three of these deals originated with people just contacting me, or in Ken's case, just sending me 10 '76 Topps cards out of the blue). It may take me a while to close 'em sometimes (though I've seemingly spent all of January trading), but I'm always happy to at least try and get something done, and happy to send other folks stuff they can use which hopefully brings them a bunch of joy, too.

So, this was post #499. What will post #500 be?

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  1. Ditto on that '08 Upper Deck. Each time I pull a pack of that from a repack box I just love the images.


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