Thursday, January 24, 2013

For those on the fence about my Trade Bait Draft...

I will be sorting, pulling and listing cards tonight during the Islanders game, primarily from this box...

That's a lot of cards for a draft that's only going to involve 120 cards being picked, isn't it?


For those already in, and those on the fence, you have the ability to influence what makes the final list of cards. Name teams, players, sets and types of cards you'd want to pick up in a trade bait draft in the comments here, and I will do my best (within reason...I'm a little short on T206s and '52 Topps high numbers) to see to it that stuff that'd interest you makes it into the draft.

In the interest of truth in advertising, every card pictured in the Trade Bait Draft preview post will be included in the draft, but that still gives us a lot of room to pick stuff out that'd make it worth your $20 shipped.

Also: if you have thoughts about what time would be best for you to draft live, if you're inclined to do that (I will be taking autopick lists, too), please also let me know.

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