Monday, January 21, 2013

How did I not know this card existed?

Not this specific copy of it, per se, but the card itself. '77 OPC Rick Cerone! He was just on the Dale Murphy rookie in the Topps set. They felt it was ESSENTIAL to have him in the Canuckian set, to the point where they did this bangin' airbrush job! I don't have room on the Top 25 for another card, but consider this #26 and rising, unofficially.



  1. There were numerous Blue Jays and Expos in 1977 OPC that didn't exist as solo cards (or at all) in 1977 Topps. Many different photos as well.

    I'm going to plug someone else's blog:

    This blog covers every OPC card that differs from its Topps counterpart, but you can look at just the 1977's.

  2. This site has officially ruined my life and blown my budget for 2013.


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