Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Post #500

And here's just a very small handful of reasons why doing Scott Crawford On Cards! has been so great...

(Hint: it's not the stuff, it's the people.)

I have more of these notes, virtually all that have been included in with trades, in a mythical place known as "somewhere" (actually, they're in one of a few boxes, as I'm gradually trying to reduce the amount of paper I have around here, which is quite an ironic venture for someone who collects trading cards, comics and books, let me tell you what...), or I'd have been able to post a few more pages' worth. Yep, I try to keep 'em all. As I was going through one of the many large piles of paper in my hoarder-lite dwelling today, I found a bunch, and decided that these were what I was going to go with for post #500. So, there you have it. It's a messy pile of hand-written notes from people, friends, about bubble gum cards.

Here's to at least 500 more posts, many more new friends and a bunch of you old lot stickin' around, and a bunch more notes like these! Thank you all for your support and your attention in my very small part of what's become a pretty busy corner of an even busier Internet!


  1. congrats! I keep all of the notes I receive as well.

  2. I see you didn't show my note where I compared you to a dictator with a bad case of the shingles. Was I being too harsh?

    Congrats on 500. Here's looking forward to 500 more. And then some.

  3. A hearty congrats on 500! Happy to have been able to trade with you more than a few times (and thanks for the shoutout in your last post). I'm also amused to see that I wrote in script in one note to you and printed the other.


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