Monday, January 28, 2013

Some cool stuff from Carl Crawford Cards!

I helped Paul at Carl Crawford Cards fill out some Topps set needs recently, and this is what he did.


We'll just start here for a minute. I'm actually getting low on playing era base Campys that I need. Things I never thought I'd be able to say, part 284529458281.

Moving on...

Oh hell yeah. Nice Maury auto on an original '72! This beats the heck out of all them damn sticker autos I've been eyeing up lately.

She's been through some shit, but this Tommy John rookie took a card off my Top 25, which happens a lot less often these days.

Checked off a couple of set needs for '68 Topps game, too, with a couple of nice specimens!

This '54 Bowman Preacher Roe is actually a double! Right now, the Owl may be getting it as an upgrade to his, but if not, it'll go in the next Trade Bait Draft barring any serious offers (as serious as you can get on a card of this one's qualifications, anyway). If I do trade it to Night Owl, I may be getting his lesser grade copy back in that deal, which means that it's still very likely there'll be a friggin' 1954 Bowman Preacher Roe in the next Trade Bait Draft! Actually, his other '54 Bowman Roe's a loaner of sorts, so that's out. Man, loaning out a '54 Bowman Preacher Roe? That's FRIENDSHIP!

There were a few slightly more "mere mortal" cards in the envelope, too, but that ain't a knock on this '02 Legendary Cuts Jackie. Legendary Cuts really were some awesome sets back yonder. A few of us were talkin' on Twitter about the bat relics from '02 Legendary Cuts recently, and it was agreed upon that, even if the pieces of lumber came from a coffee table somewhere, they're still awesome because they're just such good looking cards. Even the base cards from that set are awesome, though.

To bring us full circle today, while I am getting closer and closer to finishing Campy's playing era cards, I'm going to guess that this gold foilboard repro that Paul sent along is about as close as I'm going to get to owning a '52 Topps Roy Campanella card in my lifetime (I think I have the Archives version of this, too), because it's one of those damned high numbers. Someone send me a time machine, so I can make that run disappear from the Topps warehouse before it ends up in the bay already, eh?

Thanks for the trade, Paul! Another fun one!


  1. You know if you traded me that Preacher Roe along with the Fred Lynn, Night Owl could just keep mine instead of just borrowing it.

  2. That would be a matter for you and the Owl to discuss. =)

  3. If I get another one I'll just transfer ownership of my original one to him, no discussion needed.

  4. Adam, thing is, he's got first crack at an upgrade, since I talked to him about it already. If he decides he's good with yours, we can go that way. If he decides he'd like the upgrade, he can ship back to you. Word's out to him already, so I should have some idea by the end of the night.


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