Friday, January 4, 2013

Ten Collecting Goals For 2013

Lotsa folks are doing this, so, what the hell, I'll conform for a change. I'll also throw some pictures of bubble gum cards in this post so it's not all text-only n' such.

1. Acquire at least 5 4 more playing era Brooklyn Dodger cards I need: yep, Don arrived today, and he's in better shape than he looked like on eBay. Card's got a good texture to it.

2. Acquire at least 5 more 1951 Topps Ringside cards I need: I think this is more manageable on my budget than 1 per month was, though I did pretty well on that last year because I got a nice lot of them somewhere along the line and Stubby hooked me up with a bunch of his doubles.

3. Acquire at least 5 cards from my top 25, including at least 1 from my top 10: this shouldn't be too hard, even with my top 10 being kinda brutal at this point.

4. Finish at least 10 sets of more than 400 cards, including at least 1 '70s Topps set: The sets I'm closest on right now are listed below. I don't think I'm going to finish anything pre-'75, but anything's possible. Getting '76 and '77 Topps done would be awesome. Gotta look over what keys I need from those (I know I need the Eckersley rookie). Very close on '12 Topps, '93 Donruss, and '89 and '92 Upper Deck as of this writing.

 70-74, 76-77, 94, 96-97, 99, 06, 10, 12 Topps
10-11 Topps Heritage
81, 93 Donruss
81, 83 Fleer
92-93 Leaf
89, 92-93, 10 Upper Deck

5.  Acquire at least 10 more '07 Upper Deck Goudeys: this is the set, thanks to Ben Henry, that got me back into collecting modern cards full-time, and it's one of my all-time favorite sets. I've got both red and green base done, but I have a bunch of high numbers (57 as of right now) to go. I'd like to finish this one in my lifetime.

6. Trade more, and get back to actually doing trade posts: I have been HORRIBLE about making trade posts for at least the past year. Just HORRIBLE. Amazingly, people still want to trade with me, as evidenced by the ton of trades I'm in the middle of right now. Thank you for enduring my substandard etiquette. I may just take one picture of big piles of '90s set fillers if that's all I get in a deal (and there are gonna be a bunch of those deals in my future this year), but I gotta do better on letting people know that hey, this awesome person sent me some stuff in exchange for some stuff. I'm all about doing more trades, too, as I've got a "trade box" almost as tall as I am, even after giving away a bunch of junk wax.

7.  Get some more TTM autographs: haven't done much of this since Mariano Rivera, and I don't think I'm gonna top that one any time soon (I still have to find a worthy kid to give my spare to), but I still love the TTM game. I don't even feel burned by never getting a return from Rusty Kuntz. Maybe I'll even get lucky and complete my goal of around 10 years, which is to get Lou Piniella to sign 2 copies of Andrew W.K.'s "I Get Wet" CD (one for me, one for Andrew), since Andrew signed his '84 Topps card for me (and signed one for Lou, too).

8. Acquire at least 1 team-issued Lakewood BlueClaws team set aside from the '13 set: I need to get on this. None of them are super-expensive, even the one(s?) with Ryan Howard in them, and it'd be cool to say I've got every base card of one of my teams. I'm not sure if I'm going to delve too deeply into Tristar, Pro Debut, etc., but I at least want all of the team-issued ones eventually.

9. Acquire at least 1 more Seattle Pilots oddball card: there aren't a ton of Pilots cards left that I need (I have all of the '69 and '70 Topps Pilots), but I do still need some. Need to checklist what I have of the oddball items (I've got the Renata Galasso set, I've got both '70 Kellogg's 3D Pilots, and I've got a handful of others). I also need to get back to work on scanning the Stubbly Bubbly Pilots monster-set that Stubby made. Maybe I'll bomb you all out with them in complete set form rather than giving each card a write-up or doing them a few at a time sometime soon.

10. Acquire at least 1 card of every player I currently collect: I don't know if y'all have ever noticed, but I maintain a lot of player collections at the same time. Too many. I like a lot of ballplayers, what can I say? Anyway, I don't think it's entirely unreasonable, especially given some of the volume I have been known to pick up the "bulk" 1990s stuff in, to get 226 cards (as of this writing, and we're freezing that number for this goal) over the course of a year. Some will be tough, just because there aren't a lot of cards out of certain people (your Spider Jorgensens, Steve Dalkowskis and folks like that, as well as guys like Meb Keflezighi who don't have very much official cardboard at all), but some, even some of the greats, will be easy. I picked off my first one today, in fact...

This was hangin' out in the inserts box at my local! 1 down, 225 to go!

A note on this (01/19/13): each of these pickups has to be "on purpose". In other words, not just "buy a set, knock off 20 or 30 names". Even if it's a card from a set I'm building, I need to buy or trade for the specific player. For example, if I buy a '52 Topps set this year, I will not get credit for all of the Dodgers who are in it (and there are a lot), Yogi Berra or Phil Rizzuto.

So, what are your card-hoarding goals for this year?

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