Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Round-Up For 01/05/13! progress...

Seriously, did someone turn on the mind control ray or something? All of a sudden, everyone on Earth wants to trade! I've got like 485830924859 deals in progress right now! Not complaining, but it's interesting that it all hit at once like this. 

I did manage to sneak off to the flea market today, in between rounds of pulling late '80s Topps commons (ow) for deals, and did pretty good. For $11, I got:
  • 40 various '12 Bowman baseball (if you need this year's base Bowman Harper, Darvish or Cespedes cards, I'm your guy right now, I've got between 4-7 of each), Bowman Chrome baseball, Topps Strata f00'ball and Certified f00'ball cards out of some guy's dime box, $4 total
  • A 50 count plastic card box that had a bunch of early '00s cards in it (Play Ball, SP Authentic, that kinda stuff), decent players, $2
  • From another guy, an 800 count box split pretty evenly between '94 Upper Deck and '92 Fleer Ultra cards and a '97 Score factory set tin with a near-complete set (missing 6 commons, but there are 6 doubles in there, so I'm guessing this was a quality control error), $5 total!
 Not a bad haul for the money. Gave me something to do (and I got exercise walking around and freezing my ass off at the market), and the '97 Score set is one that I really like the look of, have been building, and have not been having a ton of success building, so finding the overwhelming majority of it in one place, cheaply, was pretty awesome. Now, I have to decide if the other box I got with it will lead to me collecting '94 Upper Deck and '92 Ultra (I have some of both, but they weren't "on the list" yet). Sets are like the heads of a hydra, I tells ye. Cut one down, and two more pop up in its place.

I also stopped off at my local to see if they had a few cards Stubby needed for his '12 Update set (if anyone who's sending me a package soon has an extra U104 or U200 and can spare 'em, awesome, as I struck out here), and ended up digging through the '60s commons for the hell of it. Picked up 3 more, and here they are.

Eli "Lotta Consonants In Such A Little Name" Grba! I'm eventually going to start collecting the first couple of years of Los Angeles Angels cards (from the beginning to when they threw Bo Belinsky out of town). I mean, most of them will show up through set-building, but I've got this weird fascination with the team that keeps nagging at me.

"Talk shit about my glasses one...more...time." Bob Veale is an unbelievable badass on almost all of his cards. Also worth noting: his glove looks like a couple of pork rinds sewn together, from all the wear on it.

Bobby Shantz: TRIPPIN' BALLS.

This is my 490th official post (going by the current count) for the site. That means I'm coming up on 500 posts. Should I do something special for 500, and if so, what?

Finally today (before I get back to my personal hell of pulling hundreds of junk wax commons from my stash), congratulations and good luck to Dontrelle Willis, who has reconsidered his decision to retire, and signed a minor league deal with the Cubs last night. I still love the D-Train, and I still think he has some baseball left in him.


  1. I've got quite the stack going on right now as well. Is that Orange Anthony Gose claimed?

  2. Yep, Orange Gose is claimed by me. Been following him since his BlueClaws days.

  3. Hot dang that Shantz is awesome.


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