Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Round-Up For 01/29/13

"What say there, fussy britches?"
-Warden Norton

So, these three guys were lost in the mail for 17 days. Advice for when that happens: file an eBay claim and get a refund. The package will show up THE NEXT DAY. Already refunded the seller his refund, but I didn't catch him before he sent out another Rose and Killebrew to me. Never a dull moment! From the looks of it, the Rose and Banks may have been trimmed ever-so-slightly at some point (standing them next to the Killer shows them tiering Killebrew/Rose/Banks), but they were also sold as Fair/Good, so I'm more than happy to have 'em (my Seaver from the set was bought knowingly with marker on it; I ain't picky).

The past 2 seasons of fantasy basketball (during which I've watched maybe 5 minutes of actual basketball; I really have to work on that) have really made Tim Duncan grow on me. Hated him earlier in his career. Did some reading up on him recently, and he honestly sounds like a terrific cat, in addition to being one of the best ever. Ah smells a player collection a-brewin'.

I forget if I asked, but this is a double. Anyone wanna trade for it? Ringside-for-Ringside deals are preferred.

While I was going through the thousands of old cards I have here instead of running around trying to buy new ones like the rest of you were last night (don't worry, I'll get to it, but I WON'T BE HAPPY ABOUT IT), I came across this Jeter, and have no idea when or where I got it. Might've been a trade, might've been a box lot. At any rate, cool card! I may have to try and track down more of these, being the complete sucker for 3-D cards that I am.

And finally today, a second package from Jay K., profiled here recently (a few of you met him at the Trade Bait Draft on Sunday, too), arrived in today's mail. Send me some want lists for some sets, man! Always happy to see pre-'86 Donruss, and hey, Ralph Houk!

Some '83 Murray awesomeness. Murray pretty often had the same look on his face that Jackie Gleason did when he was playing Buford T. Justice in the "Smokey" movies. Come to think of it, I've never seen the two of them in the same place...

On the other hand, Steve Carlton's facial expression in this one looks like he's one of the guys in John Carpenter's "The Thing" when the monster's changing shape. Best reaction shots EVER in that movie.

1993 Donruss, I coin thee the "Who turned out the lights?" set! Seriously, could they have put maybe a little effort into making the photography (some of which was probably great on the proofs) look even the slightest bit bright and sharp?

Compare that to '08 Upper Deck, where even a posed shot of that no-good Chipper Jones looks like it belongs in an art museum. Upper Deck should've just closed for good after they finished the '08 base sets. They never did and never will top them in terms of base set quality.

Thanks again for all the set fills, Jay!

OK, I'm off to get lunch, run a few errands, and yeah, probably grab some '13 Topps. Be good, y'all!

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