Monday, January 21, 2013

Trade Bait Draft Preview!

 So, we've got 3 interested parties so far. I'm looking for 6 draftees, and that's it. $20 shipped, 20 cards, 6 people, 120 cards total, though I'll have more than that on the list. Since I'm sure no one wants to plunk down $20 sight unseen, here's a look at just some of what will be in the draft if we get enough participants.

Yep, that'll give you a good idea. Everything pictured here will be available for the draft. Vintage is fairly strong through the '70s (if not in BGS 9.5; please pay close attention to scans, or, once the final list is out, if you would like a better look at anything I don't end up scanning, let me know...) with a small handful of '60s, autos/relics aren't a strong suit on this one. Got some minis, got stuff in all sports (though I have plenty more baseball than the other stuff, and hockey will probably be kind of slim; I put the other sports in mostly to show a cross-section of what's available). I've got a lot of numbered inserts. I also have a ton of flexibility as to what else I add to the draft, as I've got around 60,000 doubles at the moment, and just for this, I've pulled about 2000 cards out to keep handy (though not all of those 2000 cards will be in this draft, because I'd like to not have to spend 28 years typing this week). If there are teams, players, sports or types of cards you'd like to see represented more in the draft (keeping in mind that, by the nature of how I collect, there won't be a ton more in the way of autos or relics), please let me know!

So, again, if you want to do this, most likely within the next 7 days, possibly within the next 72 hours, leave a comment or email me!

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