Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two from the local and two from the mail...

Do not attempt to adjust your television set. Yes, even rarer than Oriole Reggie, here's L.A. Joe! I flipped when I saw this card today.


Man, Crown Royale are some deliciously tacky cards. Always happy to add more.

Ken Singleton rookie showed up in the mail today. I was not in love with the wax staining you see in this scan, but because I'm brave/crazy/the card was cheap anyway, I actually managed to get some of it off without messing up the surface of the card.



And so is Kenny in this picture. Great "light saber" shot.

One of the weirdest action shots in the early history of Topps doing them. It's framed weird, you can barely see Buddy making the play, and Nolan Ryan takes up half the damn card. Have we done a "What game did this play happen in?" for this card yet?

Side note: 5 more posts until I get to 500 official posts here at Scott Crawford On Cards!, wow. Thanks for reading, commenting, trading and sending cards along. It's been fun so far! I'm thinking of doing something special for 500, so stay tuned.

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