Thursday, January 24, 2013

When Cards Escape From Real Life

So, a guy I know named Jay who's been in my fantasy leagues for ages now has been watching me talk about all of these bubble gum cards for a while, and he seems to have picked up a card habit recently, too. (Either that, or he's coming out of the closet about it, in which case, everyone say "Hello, Jay!") He told me he had some doubles I needed, and also mentioned that he was short some '90 Donruss, so the trading began!

This is the best picture of a baseball manager (and possibly of Alan Trammell) that you'll ever see... any instance when said manager or Alan Trammell loses 119 friggin' games. Yep, this was that season.

Man, look at the glove on this sumbitch! Jay took a big chunk out of my Series 1 '04s.

Look at that buntin' Buehrle!

This solid Jim Palmer insert was among a few that ended up in the package, too.

And, as another bonus, it's an '87-'88 Fleer Kareem sticker! Awkward abbreviation of his name, eh?

Anyway, thanks, Jay, and here's to many more trades! Jay's also thinkin' about firing up a site of his own soon (one of us one of us), so you folks might get to dial up some trades with him as well!

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  1. If you didn't finish his '90 Donrusses I probably could! Feel free to have him contact me re a trade


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