Thursday, January 3, 2013

WWax Is For Suckers

Nope. The title isn't a typo. Since they came out about a month or so ago, I've been sorta eyeballing the Topps WWE Heritage cards. I've watched a fair amount of wrasslin', I had and still have some '85 Topps WWF cards (including the Hogan), I've also got a complete '91 Impel WCW set, and I've met a few of these fellers and seen them wrassle. Plus, it's on Heritage stock. I would probably buy German scat porn trading cards if they were on Topps Heritage stock. (Oh, who am I kidding? I definitely would, and I'd buy 2 of the Veronica Moser card so I could get a TTM auto from her. Think about THAT one for a minute.)

Anyway, now that I've grossed you all out, I'll tell you my story. I was in Target today, as is my wont, and I saw wax packs and blasters of these. I was finally gonna break down and get a blaster, but at the last minute, I reconsidered and put back the blaster in favor of 2 packs, just to see if they were really worth dropping any change on. Sensible, right? Well, it gets better. I opened some cards in the car...

Hey, cool, a Hot Rod subset card.


Yes, it's the man who made beating up foreigners with a 2 x 4 fun for kids (at least until he and his bitter arch-rival Sheikie Baby got caught in the same car together with weed), "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan! This is one of them fancy red border Target exclusive cards.

(Funny that the mini is the card that displays the biggest in this post.) Hey, it's that weasel Randy Orton on a Ginter mini. This guy's rise to fame was one of the things that kinda made me tune out pro wrestling. Anyway, from what I gather, these inserts aren't that easy to get, since, while they're affordable, there aren't a ton of them on eBay, so...yay. It's up for trade.

3 inserts/subset cards in a about some base cards?

'eyyyyyy, it's Foley! Probably taken fairly early on in his use of the Mankind gimmick.

That's some obvious lookin' merch there, Brock! Love this guy, though. Wish he'd go home and raise his kids, worry about him doing worse damage to himself than he did in previous wrasslin' and MMA stints combined, but he's entertaining as heck.

And finally, the best card you will see today unless you bust out an S.D. Jones card on me (I think I have one, but I'd have to look...). Koko B. Ware and Frankie in full flight! You bet your ass!

So, after seeing these and looking over a checklist online, I thought "yep, I'd like to have the rest of the base set". So, instead of buying more packs and playing games like that, I looked on eBay and found a base set for what another 4 packs would've cost me, shipped. Had I looked sooner, I could've saved even more money, but then I wouldn't have gotten this post out of those 2 packs, and I can probably trade some of what I opened (once I have my base set, I'll post card numbers, as I know a few of you have been buying these), maybe get Mick to sign the Mankind card next time I see him, hang onto the Piper and the goofy-ass Hacksaw, and we all got to see Koko B. Ware today, so it's alright.

In general, though, why do we, the set collectors of the world, open current wax again? I mean, it's fun when the price is right, and when companies aren't making you pay a premium for relics and autos that someone else is going to get, but that's just not a reality in the current card market. I suppose if we all just sit around waiting for case breakers to list base sets on eBay and such, eventually card companies will mess that us for us or prices will go up on the secondary market, but for now, I just gotta ask: why?


  1. I'd be interested in that Orton Ginter mini.

    I can help you with a few things off your want list:

    (2009 UD Goodwin) 45, 65, 146
    (2011 UD Goodwin) 182
    (2008 UD Timeline) 65, 66, 92, 108, 120, 144, 150, 224, 307

    We got a deal?

  2. I figured I'd be hearing from you. =)

    Done deal! I'll email you tonight.


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