Saturday, February 16, 2013

'69, Dude!

Yeah, I've been waiting a while to use that headline.

Anyway, I had some decent '69 Topps pickups this week. I wasn't actually supposed to really start on '69 until I finished the '70s, and I'm still apprehensive about trying to complete it (a set with Mantle, Mays, Clemente, 2nd year Bench and Ryan, Rose, etc. will do that to a guy, and there's just no way I'm going NEAR those white letter variants even if I do complete the base set). Got a 36 card lot for about 12 bucks on eBay, though (3 cards for a buck, so really not far from what a lot of dealers charge for commons on these), and another card that we'll get to at the bottom of the post. Let's start with the highlights from the $12 lot.

Kitty! Cool card, pic makes it look like an older card than it is, even though the Twins didn't exist as the Twins until the '60s. Something old-tymey about it all.

From Kitty to the Mudcat. This was pre-sideburns for him, and obviously pre-wearing-an-Expos uniform. I've just finally admitted to myself recently that I'm collecting his cards.

Sparky Lyle rookie card! It's off-center obviously, like a lot of '69 Topps,'s also a Sparky Lyle rookie card for about the price of a common, shipped. Guy deserves way more credit as a pitcher than he gets.

'69 Dick! Not in great shape, but at least the crease stays off the main picture for the most part.

Toy cannon! Front of the card's pretty solid. Back's got a pretty gnarly gum stain on it. At least, I hope that's gum...

Unless you're an Orioles fan, you can never go wrong with a '69 Met, even if it's an airbrushed one.

And now, here's that other '69 I got that wasn't part of the lot...

This. This was $25 shipped. You can see the creases way more prominently in the scan than you can when you're just holding the card. Either that, or I'm just drunk on having a friggin' Reggie Jackson rookie in my collection. It's amazing to me when I end up with these things that were thought unattainable for so much of my life. Stuff like the '61 Maris, the '56 Dodgers team set (and I'm closing in on a few other '50s Dodgers sets right now), '33 Goudeys, just crazy stuff. This is one I'm gonna remember for a while, just like those other ones. I had it sitting on my desk on the top of a pile of cards for a while, no sleeve, no toploader, just out like any other card, and every time I'd take notice of it, I'd think "Wow".

I don't know how much more seriously I'll work on this one for the time being (I was looking at beater Mantles a few days ago on the 'Bay, but I just can't justify the cost yet), but it's damn nice to have Reggie, who's one of the key cards if not the key card from the set (not to mention a dream card of mine dating back to when I was a kid), living in the box with the rest of the '69 Topps cards.


  1. It's funny how cards like rookie Jackson look just like other cards and when they're all hanging out together on a desk or table. That always freaks me out.


    *head explodes*

    *twiching bloody corpse spontaneously combusts*

    *tortured soul recorporates from the ashes*

    *sadly looks at a pile of 2013 Topps that probably cost $25*

    *jibbers and drools a bit*

  3. dayf: lower grade Reggies go pretty cheap on teh 'Bay. I know you're afraid of any key card that came out before 1981, but they're remarkably affordable in most cases. I haven't been lucky enough with it yet, but even the Schmidt rookie goes cheap sometimes.


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