Monday, February 25, 2013

Meeting Of Legends

Yeah, bask in this one for a second.

Taken it all in yet?


I get a package in the mail from Stubby today. In it is some tradestuffs, some stuff to give to Bob at my local (who's actually met Stubby; I have not, to my knowledge) and a whole mess of custom cards. Now, if you remember, Stubby's the architect of the huge custom Seattle Pilots set that it's taking me forever to scan and write about. Well, along with some of his usual work, Stubby also sent me an All-Time Mets set that dwarfs the size of the Pilots set. It even had two insert cards, one of Julia Stiles in some Mets gear (she just wants to dance, y0), and this card of Choo Choo Coleman and I, from our meeting at White Plains.

"Last seen in a major league uniform in 1966, few realize that Choo Choo Coleman played in the Mets organization through 1969. He hit .258 with the Norfolk Tides in the Mets miracle year. Fewer still know that, after wrapping up his baseball career in Mexico in 1972, Choo Choo retired to Florida. And, when his first wife died, he moved to Virginia where, for two decades, he helped the daughter of his second wife run a Chinese restaurant. All anyone knew was that the legend that was Choo Choo Coleman had vanished from sight.

But when Choo Choo resurfaced for the Mets 50th Anniversary, attending his first card show ever in January 2012, baseball and baseball card writer Scott Crawford, of "Scott Crawford On Cards", knew he had to be there. "He's kinda like Halley's Comet or something", Scott said of Coleman. Braving bearish winter weather and metropolitan traffic, Crawford made the arduous journey to White Plains where, at last, the two legends met face-to-face. Said Coleman, the diminutive former catcher, upon meeting Crawford, "Ah'm old.""

Staggering. Thank you, Stubby, and I'll try to get all 523820472949229 of your customs scanned for people soon!

Edit: corrected to reflect change from 1968 to 1966.


  1. The numbers don't show up real well, given the small print, but that actually reads: "Last seen in a major league uniform in 1966...", not 1968. I'm sorry the print requires a microscope to read but, when custom cards meet verbose writer, that's kinda what happens.

  2. Fixed. I should've gotten that one right on the first pass anyway. If I had my glasses on, I probably would've, but I also read the dates back when Choo Choo was making the interview rounds for this appearance so I should've remembered them.

  3. THAT is awesome. You actually met Choo Choo. Damn. That's amazing.


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