Friday, February 22, 2013

NO ONE wants to trade for this completely awesome 1951 Topps Ringside Sugar Ray Robinson card?

I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!


  1. if you're willing to accept something(s) not from the same set then I would be interested in trying to acquire it.

  2. OK, in order...

    Greg: I've got some other stuff aside for you too ('60 Wally Moon and Frank Howard, some Getzlafs). Go through your stuff, find some things I need and we'll work from there. My preference is obviously to trade Ringsides for Ringsides, but if you can make it interesting, we'll talk.

    Adam: if Ray survives Mr. Zakwin's trade bait offers and/or if you've got spare Ringsides to trade, we will see about transacting business. Greg got his claim in about 13 hours before yours, though, so he gets first crack. You've been collecting the Ringside set too, if memory serves, right?


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