Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Round-Up For 02/05/13!

'Sup? Everyone who reads me on Twitter is really sick of looking at this card. For those of you who don't, I scored this jazz for a rack pack and a single pack, shipped, on teh eBays.

Yeah, I got lazy and used the eBay seller's scan here. Apparently, the original owner was really psyched that he got this 1933 Brooklyn Dodger Goudey card on July 20th, 1933, and stamped it to commemorate the occasion. Who can blame them?

Had a few, um, more recent scores, too. Glad to have pulled Teddy f'n Ballgame from one of the two jumbos I opened.

These seem to be about 1 per jumbo, by the way. Either that, or I got lucky. I may keep Ryno, I may trade him. A great offer gets him.

The Greenestberg!

The Adam Jones green looks friggin' fantastic. Way better than the base.

My favorite of the Calling Cards. Just need Mark Teixeira (#7) to finish this set. Who's got me covered?

Jim Rice is probably my favorite of the minis I've gotten so far. Plugging along on this set. Has anyone else noticed that the '72 minis are not only more popular than the '87s from last year, but they've also driven up collector interest (and prices) on the '87 minis?

This set is going to be a HUGE pain to finish. If you've got doubles or unwanteds of anyone except Junior, Gibby or Smoltzie, I'll take 'em.

And finally, a base card! Not just any, though. This has my vote for best base card of the set so far. I may be one of the only people who likes A.J. Pierzynski. Fans complain about him, opposing players complain about him, and his own teammates complain about him sometimes, but he's a hard-nosed, kickass player who gets shit done. As I'm shuffling my player collections a bit this year, I may start an A.J. one. Always liked the guy.

I've decided on my new policy re: new Topps sets, by the way. Ready for this? I think it's cool. When a new series comes out, I'm going to buy exactly two jumbos from my local. Support the hobby, support local business, get the cheap thrill of opening some wax without going too wacky. From there, if there are base cards of players I collect that I didn't get or inserts I'm particularly interested in, I'll grab them as singles, either by trading for them or by buying the singles, again, from my local if possible. After that's done with, anything else, I'm only going to trade for. If it takes me longer to complete a set, so be it. If I trade old stuff for new, so be it.

I know not all of you are lucky enough to have local card shops, and even fewer of you are lucky enough to have good local card shops, but if you do, you should support 'em! Target gets enough of my money without me throwing it at them for base Topps (and even that, I'm kinda creeped out by because they have decades of anti-gay policies on their ledger), and every cent that Wal-Mart's gotten from me is about three too many (don't even get me started on them), so I'm going to try and back off of them for any product where it's not substantially cheaper to buy retail instead of hobby. I might not succeed, but I'm going to try. Plus, with Topps giving chains a pass by letting them release early and just about hunting down LCS for doing the same, I don't think Topps or the chains should be rewarded for that.

Finally, if I'm going to build an honest, non-SSP parallel douchebag set from here out, I'm not going to subsidize the hell out of the "grab the hits, throw out the base cards" compulsive gambler types doing it. If I want a damn autograph, I'll get a damn autograph. If I ever want a baseball card that's supposed to have a baseball player on it, and has a damn squirrel instead, please institutionalize me.

I thought about waiting for factory, but then there's the drama of opening the factory set, which version of it to get, whether or not some kid on the Nats is going to have a card exclusive to it, blah blah blah. I'd rather have fun trading with y'all, and hopefully there are still enough of the aforementioned y'all buying new product for this to work. It's definitely an experiment and a work in progress.

Moving back to the past, remember these guys? They were sent out as replacements by the seller who I got the lost-for-three-weeks '71s from. (He didn't have an extra Banks.) Of course, they were mailed about an hour before the originals showed up, Murphy's Law and all that. I could've sent 'em back, but I threw the guy a few bucks for them, and guess what? They'll both be in the next Trade Bait Draft. I've got a few other fun vintage surprises in the works, too. So, who's in? It'll be happening either the 3rd weekend of this month (figure the 23rd-24th) or the second weekend of March, as things look. Same drill ($20 shipped for at least 20 rounds of drafting, no more than 6 participants). Right now, Jay K. will be returning, Punk Rock Paint expressed an interest, plus the Owl seemed remorseful about the last draft coinciding with his favorite card show, so he might just be interested in this one. Could fill up fast. Stay tuned for more, and let me know if you'd like to reserve a spot.

Hey, there's Pete again! I needed this one, though. Grabbed it with some store credit at my local.

Needed Lefty, too, so I picked him off cheep. Corners are, well, yeah, but this was like $2 or something silly like that.

That's about it for now. Though I have a bunch more coming. Thanks to everyone who reads this site, as January demolished the previous traffic record by about 2200 visitors! It's great to see the interest in this conversation we're having about cards still here and growing.


  1. Love the Benge. Maybe that's the return due date from the library.

  2. Benge didn't pitch on 7/20/33 but he did get a start the next day - decent outing but didn't go his way:


    always nice to add a Goudey to the collection.

  3. Holy crap, I can't wait to send you my Teixeira calling card ... uh, card.

  4. Good work Scott, and I second your motion regarding the chains and their early release, plus how many different formats does Target really need to sell retail packs ?

    IMO, other cards in 2013 Topps featuring superb photography are:

    #35 Justin Verlander


    #64 Will Middlebrooks


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