Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'69, Dude! II: "a lot of Orioles"

So, middle of the night a few days ago, I got bored and was putzing around eBay, when I saw a listing for a lot of '69 Topps that intrigued me. It was from someone with low feedback (no negatives, just not a regular seller), and had a pretty limited description; just the number of cards in the title, "a lot of Orioles" in the body of the auction, and this picture...

Well, right there, I see "Ted Shows How" (not an Oriole...Teddy Ballgame ain't no goddamn Oriole!), an AL Pitching Leaders card (Dave McNally's on there, Oriole), Brooks Robinson in pretty nice shape (Oriole) and a Rollie Fingers rookie! Price was pretty low for all that, even, and there were still 25 more cards to go through, so I watched it, pounced at the last second and got it.

Cards arrived today (amusingly, with cardboard on either side of them, but loose in the padded envelope; no harm done, though), and there were not 29 cards, but 46! Looking at the pic above, it did look like a bit more than 7 cards per stack. Here's what was in there...

Look! A lot of Orioles!

Conditions vary on these (the Bill Dillman's got a pretty nasty rip and there are ink marks on a few of the cards, but mostly pretty OK looking otherwise), but the lot's OK so far! Paul Blair's a double, headed to the Trade Bait Draft II pile.

Even moar Orioles! Merv's rookie (I think, haven't double-checked yet, has a rip like the Dillman)! Boog! That weird "Bird Hill Aces" card sans Palmer! An unmarked 6th series checklist in NICE shape with Brooksie in the top left!

MOAR ORIOLEZ! I'll need, at most, one of these Cuellars, so the other one will be going into the Trade Bait Draft II pile.

Yep, I got a Palmer, too! Needed this guy, down to '66, '67 and '71 to finish up his base Topps.

And that's the end of the "lot of Orioles". No Frank Robinson, but I'll live.

Still more non-Oriole cards to go!

Podres on the Padres! I just got one of these in a deal not so long ago, so at least one of these will be in the Trade Bait Draft II pile, possibly both.

This one, I still needed! Dean Chance! One more to go there ('66).

All-Stars in great shape! Needed 'em both.

A leader card and some more rookies, y0!

How about some more Pilots doubles? These are going straight into the Trade Bait Draft II pile.

MOAR '69Z! The Vulture! The Stick! Whatever Camilo Pascual's nickname was! Dooley friggin' Womack (who was once traded for Jim Bouton)! Dick Farrell's got a little something on his lip.
And the last of the '69s! Don Bosch has a little something in his eye. Ron Brand's card is awesome.

We'll close this one out by showing you a better shot of the 4 cards that were at the top of the piles in the auction listing...

Again, Brooks looks awesome. They crammed a lotta guys on that AL Pitching Leaders card. Ted looks like he's about to smack Epstein upside the head with that bat for being a goddamned idiot sonuvabitch or whatever Ted would call someone who wasn't Ted, and damn, even with a crease in Bob Floyd's part of the card, that's a Fingers rookie. Can't complain there!

39 cards I needed off the '69 list, a few of 'em keys. All this for a good deal less than a blaster, shipped, by the way. Pretty happy with this transaction!


  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. I need to putz more.

  2. I need to putz less, but I couldn't pass this up. It's not as much of a big deal in the '69 set for some reason, but most of the commons are 6th or 7th series, too.


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