Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hairy Taj

Yep, despite some poor reviews on the card stock, I grabbed a rack pack while at Target to grab things I really did actually need, swear to God. (Seriously, cleaning products, y0. This place is like a whorehouse in a leper colony in Gary, Indiana. Oh, man, I typed with the inside voice again. Sorry.) Anyway, cards!

Not a dude I collect, but my favorite of the pack, because you can't see up Cueto's nostrils. The typesetting and such ain't bad, so that's a plus. Little bit of chipping on the name bar at the bottom, might be accidental, might not. They don't all have it.

I've just started collecting A.J. recently. There's something about a guy who's a good ballplayer, but who's hated even by his own teammates and managers. He has this "I swear I didn't do it, Mom!" look on his face on this card, too. I wonder if that's Photoshopped in there like the uniform is.

As anyone in my part of the country understands, even if you don't like the Yankees or this guy, if you're a set builder, you're always happy to get this card over with, especially this early. I've got no beef with Jeter, though his team kinda turned their backs on fans like me, so I don't follow them especially closely anymore. Regardless, always glad to pick off one of his cards.

"Wait, you're shitting me, right? I flunked what?"

Now, Robbie, I do collect, mostly because I've had him on my fantasy squad forever and because, when he's motivated (that can be hit-or-miss), he's a pleasure to watch. If he did or does flunk a drug test, as is rumored (source: the guy who called the Melky suspension a month before the fact), that's probably it for me in fantasy and I'll probably stop putting effort into getting his cards, too. It's not because of some uppity moral stance, either. I just can't afford to pin my fantasy team's fortunes on Howie Kendrick for 50 games. Also: I had a chance to keep Billy Hamilton, passed, kept Cano, and lost Hamilton to Jay Koenig in my draft. This wouldn't have happened if the steroid rumors had gone above a dull roar with Robbie. So, yeah, silly reason for a grudge, but we're also talking about a guy who collects kids' stuff and plays pretend baseball, so it comes with the territory.


Those were the 5 best out of my 20 cards.

Oh, the stock? It's not great, but it's not 2012 Archives, either. Better than 2012 Heritage Minors was, I think (though I'll compare in a bit when I'm putting cards away and I put my Heritage Minors Billy Hamilton away...grrrr, Cano...), not quite as weighty as Ginter and certainly not up to older Heritage standards, but they did a nice job on the card backs (which, of course, my lazy ass didn't scan) and the fronts are pretty spot-on too. So, Topps is off the hook. I just finished '13 Series One, so I'll need something to do, anyway.

My wants:

2013 Topps Heritage (Have 20/500): 1-36, 38-70, 72-99, 101-111, 113-128, 130-147, 149-156, 158-189, 191-194, 196-214, 216-223, 226-243, 245-269, 271-288, 290-292, 294-300, 302-329, 331-404, 406-500

...and that's the end!


  1. Dude, I laughed out loud about the trophy in the ear quote.

  2. See, I totally thought I was gonna get accused of ripping off the admittedly-always-funny dayf there.

  3. SO many giant heads. When your wantz dwindle down, let me know. I should have a nice stack and no intentions of completing the set.


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