Friday, March 15, 2013

Trade Bait Draft II: Last Call!

If you're going to be in on this Trade Bait Draft, I need payment from you by Midnight Eastern Time tonight (Friday, March 15th). The draft is Sunday, March 17th at 8 PM Eastern. Details are here, and the full list of available items is here. This is likely to be the final list, unless I end up at a flea market tomorrow or Sunday by some cosmic accident. Actually, screw that, I'll save any new additions for the next draft, just to keep it simple. So, if you've been waiting to send in a list of picks and alternates, wait no longer!

There are 4 people out of 6 who've given verbals, and I've gotten payment from two so far, so I've still got at least 2 spots open. To claim a spot, email me and/or leave a comment here. If you've got questions about how it all works, again, read the original post, and email/comment if anything's unclear.

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