Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yet Another Trade Bait Draft II Update!

(Yes, this kinda busted '71 Pete Rose can be yours in Trade Bait Draft II!)
We've got our first confirmed entrant, as Lonestarr is paid up!

I've got verbals from Jay Koenig (repeat business!), Joe Average Card Collector  and (this just in) Night Owl as well. 2 slots remain after that!

Remember, folks, the payment deadline for this draft is Friday, March 15th (6 days away) at 11:59 PM Eastern Time!

Current info for this draft, which will be taking place next Sunday, March 17th at 8 PM Eastern Time, is here. Basically, $20 via PayPal (info provided at time of registration; I also accept really good trade offers for entry to the draft, so you know, but I'm doing this first and foremost to subsidize my habit, er, hobby, so cash is a priority here) gets you at least 20 cards (last time, I went to 25 rounds, because we had time and were having fun, but I can guarantee 20 rounds) of your choosing, shipped, from a very big list of cards, that you get to either submit a list of your preferences on, or (preferably) that you pick LIVE in a Google+ hangout via video chat!

I haven't had time to add them, but I have started pulling even more cards to add to the list, and will hopefully get those up within the next couple days (there's a big honkin' stack of Ginter inserts going in, FYI, and a '12 Prime 9 Mantle, possibly more '12 Prime 9s if Stubby and I get our sets in the mail in time).

We had a blast with our first one (dayf even wrote a review), and spots are limited (no more than 6 participants will be allowed in any Trade Bait Draft that I hold, to keep it sane and give everyone a fair crack at the good stuff), so get in on it!


  1. I'm in, although I have to work that night and don't know how that will work with the whole google-plus thing and all (don't have that at work).

  2. Just so you're not wondering I'm out on this one due to liquidity issues. I might ask to watch the proceedings if I get bored though.


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