Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Cramer Baseball Legends Complete Set (1-124)!

This box, very well-preserved (a little bit of creasing, but nothing to cry over), has cards 121-124 (Frank Robinson, Grover Alexander, Hoyt Wilhelm and ARKY FUCKING VAUGHAN) on the bottom of it. Seller on eBay actually kept the entire box rather than just the bottom panel or the individual cards, awesome work on their part.

If you weren't aware, these cards are pretty damn tough to get, or were in my experience, anyway. Your mileage may vary. Last one of these panels went for over $20 on eBay, so when this one showed up with a $10 Buy It Now, I pounced.

Next up, the Pacific sets (fairly common) and the Cramer Football Legends set (not so much).


  1. great find. i have the first three series, so i need series 4 and the box bottoms. i'll make it a priority someday.

  2. I've probably got some Series 4 for you. Have a ton of doubles on this stuff, in general. I can take a look.

  3. Awesome. I've seen these cards, but I'm not too familiar with them. It's even cooler that they're in box bottom form.


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